183 – Excellent

183 Bales of hay – I hope you are keeping count. Baled in the early evening yesterday and way too many visitors eating dinner and dropping in for drinks so late John had already gone to bed and so forth for me to get it into the barn. So we will be loading it all in this morning.

The extra guests  left over from the dinner party will hopefully give a hand (or disappear completely which seems to happen) so with any luck we will get it in. But if all goes well I can run a group at each barn.  I always work the Clatter Box ( metal escalator for carrying hay up into the loft that is full of moving spikes on chains) to mitigate the possibility of injury to visitors so it is a heavy day for me. But I am feeling strong and often out work the city folk. I hope everyone is feeling strong  because that is a lot of hay to stack in a few hours trying to beat the rain.

It will be a great feeling when it is all stacked safe in the barns.

We have about a third of the hay that we need for the winter and we are half way through the hay- making though the grass hay probably will only be cut again once.  I hope to get two more cuts from the alfalfa  – this is a good summer for hay so far! But we will be buying some. And also buying straw – much of the wheat has been harvested around here so I need to get onto that.

No battery left

Talk soon










25 Comments on “183 – Excellent

  1. I hope there’ll be time for you to slot in some sleep somewhere…? Take care with the Clatter Box when you’re stashing away all that lovely hay.

  2. Yep …. 487 so far. Great that you are getting more bales off each cut. Laura

    • If I am right – 3 cuts since May 2016 (148,156,183). Laura

  3. Do you ever use round bales Celi? They are so much cheaper around here, and are often used on the farms. But My John doesn’t like them nearly as much as square bales. xo

  4. Stacking hay is hard work . My father was always looking hor helpers. Good luck and I hope you get it all in before the rain.

  5. Left-over dinner party guests still there on a Tuesday? My heavens, that’s taking things a bit far in the middle of a working farm business. It’s a bit of a Catch-22, isn’t it — during winter you have the time but not the extra produce to feed guests and in the summer so little time. Well, I hope they helped stack the hay too. You have a whole lot more cows this year so I guess, yes, wintering over will mean tons more hay. Hope you remembered to plug us in to re-charge our battery so we can hear from you later. Have a great day and beat the rain! ~ Mame 🙂

      • Cecilia, a pre-requisite of enjoying your dinners should be a reading for a day or two of this blog. Then maybe people will understand what a dynamo you are.

  6. I thought i was the only one whose battery expires just when you need it most

  7. Pass around an assignment sheet with the morning coffee for those friendly visitors! Good luck with the bale storage and haying.

  8. hoping everyone helped out. that would be the polite thing to do. Altho i think most people have no clue how much work it is to keep the farmy running.

  9. There are always plusses and minuses in any lifestyle. Having been a people-people person from about the time I could stand on my own two little feet I would miss the long lunches and joyous four-hour dinners every week were I in your situation. So love debates, arguments, learning and endless laughter from other people on all levels. Am glad tho’ that the hay is being stacked and hope that the rest of the warm season produces more than one cut . . .

  10. 183? You guys are really working hard! The rain died before it got here and I hope you can say the same. I doubt we’ll be so lucky tomorrow, though. Pray that you got all of the hay into the barn today. Have a great night!

  11. It’s such a great feeling getting the hay in! We have helped out neighbours many times. And I always forget to wear a long sleeve shirt! Can you imagine 😃

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