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Last night around midnight Molly gave birth to eleven good sized little piglets. I was caught by surprise by the numbers and only had one small  towel with me. This got damp fairly fast drying off one piglet after the other. So I took… Continue Reading “ELEVEN PIGLETS”

A scrap of paper

I had a fantastic line to write to you today. The words came to me while I was eating dinner cooked by one of the volunteers surrounded by chattering and laughing young people.  It was a sublime collection of words that encapsulated my day.… Continue Reading “A scrap of paper”

Mirror, Mirror

On the Wall.  Who is the peahen of them all? Vanity thy name is Geraldine. Now that the peahens are out they all spend a considerable amount of time in the garage looking at themselves  in the mirror and they do preen too! Not… Continue Reading “Mirror, Mirror”

The joy of new food

One of the rotations for the workers of the Farmy is the Kitchen Mama day.  (Some of the other responsibilities are,  Swine Herd, Water Boy, Chicken Handler, Milk Maid, Gardener, etc)  With the Kitchen Mama (gender has no influence here, whether woman or man… Continue Reading “The joy of new food”

148 Bales

Haymaking has commenced with 148 bales of rustly dry hay. Not quite all in the barn yet, but the girls and I will finish that today. The only hiccup was when the hay man and I went to push my hay rack out of… Continue Reading “148 Bales”

Guardian Pig

We tried to get Sheila my big tall, long, not too fat Hereford Pig to go for a walk yesterday but she was having none of it.  She is a big lass and not too young and was feeling the heat. Though I was grateful… Continue Reading “Guardian Pig”