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Tia found her confidence today and allowed me to give her head a good scratch for quite a long time. In fact each time I stopped she would angle her head into my hand again. Every cow has a sweet spot and Tia’s is… Continue Reading “TIA FINDS HER SPOT”


Mr Flowers had been obviously depressed these last two days. He had lost Pania.  


Mr Flowers glowers down from his perch in the barn. 


In a Fine Dawn

I have been working on the creep for Molly’s babies. It is made with walls  of straw so is dismantled every winter then remade again in piglet season.  The creep is a warm area with deep straw and a heat lamp – this is… Continue Reading “”

Zone 5

ONE of the questions that came up in yesterday’s poll was what Zone is the farm in. Excellent question. The USA is so vast that the USDA created Zones which are very useful for us gardeners. We are in Zone 5 but very close to… Continue Reading “Zone 5”

A scrap of paper

I had a fantastic line to write to you today. The words came to me while I was eating dinner cooked by one of the volunteers surrounded by chattering and laughing young people.  It was a sublime collection of words that encapsulated my day.… Continue Reading “A scrap of paper”

Laying in Wait

Molly waits for her food with her feet up on the wall. The others clamour and drool but she lays in wait (and drools). She puts her head down and pretends to be the sweetest pig in the world then when I am close… Continue Reading “Laying in Wait”

From the Left

From the Left: Lady Astor, Alex, Carlos the Tiny, Aunty Del.  The summer herd. Small but good and hopefully productive. The Tall and the Short of it.  No problems there at the moment. Sheila has been moved across to her house in the field.… Continue Reading “From the Left”

The Nod

Geraldine the peahen does this  very sweet thing when I call to her. I call her name. She gives a little nod, a dip of her head, then lilts her eyes to the side and tipping her beak she looks to me out from under her… Continue Reading “The Nod”