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Frequently Asked Questions

Good morning. We have work to do today! On The Sustainable Home pages of the new TKG website there is a space for Frequently Asked Questions. Do you ever read Frequently Asked Questions on a site? I do – actually I hunt them out… Continue Reading “Frequently Asked Questions”

How to start a new business at 63 years old.

When we think of the granny character we think of Security. Softness. Simplicity. Maybe quiet. Cardigans possibly. Granny knitting and cooking. Grandma with a kitchen bursting with good food and warm fragrant loaves. I can be those things. Maybe we think of Nan and… Continue Reading “How to start a new business at 63 years old.”

What’s your favourite eco friendly product. Let’s make a list.

Now, don’t think I am advising you to replace a product you do not even need with another product you do not even need. Like dryer sheets, or zip lock bags or what was the other one I thought of this morning oh yes… Continue Reading “What’s your favourite eco friendly product. Let’s make a list.”

Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog

Dogs are all the things. They are companions. Guard dogs. Guardian dogs. Farm dogs. Lap dogs. Nagging dogs. Old dogs. What else? The above shot is of Boo trying very hard not to look annoyed (and failing) as I take TOO LONG to get… Continue Reading “Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog”

Don’t Give Up your Day Job – Actually YES – Give Up that Day Job!

I have! Given up the day job. This is my last day online teaching. I love teaching – you know I do. But not having to teach online anymore is Such A Relief. I am running out of steam trying to do ALL the… Continue Reading “Don’t Give Up your Day Job – Actually YES – Give Up that Day Job!”

Coffee Tin Bread

In the old days we did not have Ikea and Walmart and cheap loaf tins. We used what was in the cupboard. Bread can be baked in almost any container. My Mum baked her bread in whatever she had handy – usually a cast… Continue Reading “Coffee Tin Bread”

Friday Mornings Waiting for the Snow

I think the weather gods heard me call this winter “a pathetic excuse for a winter”. Now there is 8 inches of heavy wet snow in the forecast for this afternoon. Actually a mix of rain and snow. Which means heavy slush. Joy. Then… Continue Reading “Friday Mornings Waiting for the Snow”

Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Ready for Spring Cleaning the sustainable way?

Why Recycling is Rubbish

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris If we were to apply William Morris’s words to all the things we buy, would we need a recycling bin? I hate recycling. The… Continue Reading “Why Recycling is Rubbish”