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Planting By The Moon

Tonight is the full moon. The time for harvesting not sowing or planting. The best moon for planting is the new moon. Of course there are many theories behind why we might garden by the moon. I personally think that it is the pull… Continue Reading “Planting By The Moon”

How’s your connectivity?

We are enduring a real problem with the internet out here on the farm, these last two days. And we are so close to launching the new website that, of course, we are going to have connectivity problems. It is Murphy’s Law, right!? What… Continue Reading “How’s your connectivity?”

Are you the sum of your parts? Or a blossom of unpredictable wildness.

Do you have more than one iron in the fire. Or just a whole bunch of different parts spinning independently. Why do we always try to pigeon-hole people when the edges are so often blurred. Why do we have to be one kind of… Continue Reading “Are you the sum of your parts? Or a blossom of unpredictable wildness.”

No politics here. Just life. Just farming. Just me.

This is a politics free zone. Isn’t that a relief. The frenzy driven, spurious, destructive, puerile, gossipy politics that keeps bleeding into our lives makes me want to run and hide. I need to stand witness, but not here. Not on our farm blog.… Continue Reading “No politics here. Just life. Just farming. Just me.”

What is Your First Childhood Memory?

I have been thinking a lot about memories lately. With all the new writing I am doing. All my life I have believed my first childhood memory to be two linked moments when I was in a push chair looking at outdoor fresh water… Continue Reading “What is Your First Childhood Memory?”

Another Reason To Walk Down The Back

Don’t just sit there – get up and walk! I know right ? (wriggles in chair and sits up straighter) – our bodies were not designed for a sedentary existence. When I was working with the online tutoring company I spent way too long… Continue Reading “Another Reason To Walk Down The Back”

What’s your favourite eco friendly product. Let’s make a list.

Now, don’t think I am advising you to replace a product you do not even need with another product you do not even need. Like dryer sheets, or zip lock bags or what was the other one I thought of this morning oh yes… Continue Reading “What’s your favourite eco friendly product. Let’s make a list.”

If my Words are Not Read, did I Write them At All?

Lucky for me I have you reading these words. My title refers to the other stories we all write. Or think of writing. Many people journal – in fact it is quite the thing in some circles. We used to call it a diary… Continue Reading “If my Words are Not Read, did I Write them At All?”

Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped

Blogging is a little like that television/Netflix program: Chopped? Did you every see Chopped? A bunch of chefs would line up and they each had a basket with weird ingredients in it and then, with the clock ticking and random badly behaved judges, (there… Continue Reading “Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped”

How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post

On an ideal day. This is my formula – you will all do this differently and I would love to hear how your construct your pages too and what you love to see on a page. The images on a blog page make all… Continue Reading “How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post”