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Hang In There

You know the rule! I have to write the first thing that comes to mind INTO the header. And Hang In There was the first thing that came to mind. I have engaged a very talented young man to clean up The Kitchens Garden… Continue Reading “Hang In There”


Oh, the life I lead now! Lots of food! I live in a life of frugal plenty. Which reminded me of a story: When I was a young solo mum with too many children and not enough money; I stole toilet paper. TOILET PAPER!!!… Continue Reading “GREEN SOUP AND RED FIFE BAGUETTES”

Job Hunting while Bread Baking

What’s not to like! After gently un-threading my self and my profile but not my recipes – they are still there – from Janie’s Mill ( who will very generously keep my freezer stocked with flour – because I cannot do without my favorite… Continue Reading “Job Hunting while Bread Baking”

New Turns no Twists, yet.

Well, if you know me at all you will know that I can sometimes spin on a dime and change direction in a second. Living close to me can give a person whiplash. But life is like that, we keep moving and evolving and… Continue Reading “New Turns no Twists, yet.”


So, I am writing a lesson plan this week for my course in teaching English as a Second Language. I have a question for you.

10,001 AT 7.47PM

I realized last night when I was loading pictures that my blog has attracted over 10,000 follows now. This blog is my solace and comfort and company, without you all I would never have survived out here in the Midwest. Thank you all so… Continue Reading “10,001 AT 7.47PM”


Day Two of abundant sunshine has dawned. So once again I will open up the North doors and shovel manure out onto the huge compost pile. 


gain By yesterday morning the sick pig was given an A- and by yesterday evening she was given an A+ and was back to shoving the others out of the way to get to her food. Her breathing is still a little laboured but… Continue Reading “PUSHY COW”


One of our greatest talents is the ability to articulate joy.   We all have this talent – it is not rare thankfully.  Though fleeting in some lives. But just because it is a common talent, recognising joy, does not mean that it is of… Continue Reading “RICH”


Meet Camera Houses’s new friend. An early Christmas and birthday gift all rolled into one from Our John and his mother, The Matriarch.  This is a Fujifilm X30. And marvellous. And no it is not my birthday or Christmas.