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Frequently Asked Questions

Good morning. We have work to do today! On The Sustainable Home pages of the new TKG website there is a space for Frequently Asked Questions. Do you ever read Frequently Asked Questions on a site? I do – actually I hunt them out… Continue Reading “Frequently Asked Questions”

What’s your favourite eco friendly product. Let’s make a list.

Now, don’t think I am advising you to replace a product you do not even need with another product you do not even need. Like dryer sheets, or zip lock bags or what was the other one I thought of this morning oh yes… Continue Reading “What’s your favourite eco friendly product. Let’s make a list.”

Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped

Blogging is a little like that television/Netflix program: Chopped? Did you every see Chopped? A bunch of chefs would line up and they each had a basket with weird ingredients in it and then, with the clock ticking and random badly behaved judges, (there… Continue Reading “Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped”

How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post

On an ideal day. This is my formula – you will all do this differently and I would love to hear how your construct your pages too and what you love to see on a page. The images on a blog page make all… Continue Reading “How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post”

Full Steam Ahead, as my old Sailing Da used to say

Technology is not always predictable – especially for the Great Unwashed like me. Yesterday and the day before were frightening days for the Kitchens Garden Farm Blog. I downgraded in preparation for the move (not wanting to pay another year of full price) and… Continue Reading “Full Steam Ahead, as my old Sailing Da used to say”

Is there a difference between Blogs and Social Media?

Is a blog better than Social Media or is there even a difference? Maybe a blog IS Social Media. Personally I think our blogs are much more than Instagram or Facebook (or Twitter and TikTok). Did you know that 77% of internet users read… Continue Reading “Is there a difference between Blogs and Social Media?”

How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!

Blogging is not always plain sailing. My daily blog post was almost finished and just perfect. 🐞 Then winked out. In fact I am sure it was AWARD WINNING! The pictures were beautiful. All the images were optimised and had alt-text and the SMO… Continue Reading “How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!”

Why Comments are the Life Blood of A Blog

Your blog post is the beginning of a conversation. It is a long letter written with care. So the most wonderful compliment we can get is a letter in return – in the form of a comment. This is why we have the comments… Continue Reading “Why Comments are the Life Blood of A Blog”

The Survival of the Bloggest

The New Blog Renaissance is just around the corner. Blogging is on the cusp of a revival. With the slow monster emergence of AI and Chat GPT (I find the panic enormously entertaining to be honest) – there is a great hush in the… Continue Reading “The Survival of the Bloggest”

Where have all the bloggers gone?

If you are still here with me. Blogging and Writing and Publishing. Then I applaud your tenacity! We are amazing! We have beaten off the naysayers and we are stars! Lately I have had a hankering to find all our old blogger friends from… Continue Reading “Where have all the bloggers gone?”