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Little Hiccups along the Road

The family has been busy these last few weeks minding The Matriarch who had a fall. You know how these things are. But with a very determined and positive attitude she is well on the way to a complete recovery. But the first few… Continue Reading “Little Hiccups along the Road”

Maybe, just pictures today? Storms everywhere. Globally. Locally. In the Sky. In my Heart. The Pig Garden. The four took all day to wander across from their spring garden to their summer garden. There is so much foliage in there we may not see… Continue Reading “”

How to Treat Organic Pear Trees with Fire Blight

Sigh. The young pear trees have fire blight. If I remember correctly Blight is bacterial, it will enter your tree through a wound or badly timed pruning cut. It loves warm wet weather. When all your new fruit shrivels up and the new growth… Continue Reading “How to Treat Organic Pear Trees with Fire Blight”

The lovely tiredness that comes from good hard work

I am not used to working so hard anymore, my body has gone into winter mode but this brief respite from the cold  must not be wasted. So I shoveled the proverbial almost all day yesterday. A new pile of compost was started. And… Continue Reading “The lovely tiredness that comes from good hard work”

Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.

Yesterday, I called the vet to talk about The Shush Sister Charlotte, who is still walking very wonkily.  And not often. She lists to the side like a sinking container ship.  But the vet was out for the day and would not be back… Continue Reading “Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.”

Under the cherry tree

When I have family working with me.  I get to lie under the cherry tree.  And watch all the things going on around me. And wonder why I did not take up Poetry. Not exactly Chekhov. But he wasn’t a poet either.  The objective… Continue Reading “Under the cherry tree”

A Fat Farmy Day Drenched in Spray

Mary’s Cat is being followed and bombed by barn swallows wherever she goes.  (Audrey close your eyes). Because these guys are about ready to take their first flights. They are so patient these little birds. Out-growing their nest and watching the milking from above… Continue Reading “A Fat Farmy Day Drenched in Spray”

Off we go for our walkabout on The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy

Walkabouts are my favourite posts. Today we will wander through the cast of the Kitchens Garden Farm. I could not fit everyone on the one page but you will get the idea. This is The Duke of Kupa.  He has two wives  and spends… Continue Reading “Off we go for our walkabout on The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy”

Haymaking makes my Skinny Girlie Arms Ache.

A good ache though. Yesterday I made an electric fence run out the North side of the Barn for our slinky swine. This is primarily so that the pigs can root in the dirt. They get a lot of their essential minerals from the… Continue Reading “Haymaking makes my Skinny Girlie Arms Ache.”

Learning Lessons from The Farm

We had a recovery day yesterday. The little chicks are all doing well. The badly hurt one  may never walk properly again though.  However she is getting herself to her food and drink and stays close to her company through the cage walls. Chooks… Continue Reading “Learning Lessons from The Farm”