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The most natural air freshener ever

Other than opening the windows and doors? The most natural air freshener in the world is 179 bales of freshly cut hay stacked into the barn. Hay has this newly mowed grass crossed with bright notes of sunshine kind of scent. If we could… Continue Reading “The most natural air freshener ever”

Check out the determination of this bumblebee.

Do you remember the small patch of wild flowers under the trees on the South side of the house. With the flowering weeds. Though weeds are only plants in the wrong place! It is now heaving with bees and even the odd butterfly has… Continue Reading “Check out the determination of this bumblebee.”

Bath-time for Ducks and Chooks

The Barn Yard Ducks don’t actually need a pond full of water as long as they have deep bowls of water but they LOVE it most when they can have a proper bath in a pond. Ducks preen after a bath. The main function… Continue Reading “Bath-time for Ducks and Chooks”

Writing with Soap in the Shower.

The best ideas come to me in the shower. My mind is on a pause and all the little searches I have launched during the last few hours suddenly get busy and bring me answers. So I write myself notes on the shower walls.… Continue Reading “Writing with Soap in the Shower.”

Sell me Your Dreams.

If I am allowed to wake naturally, I wake at dawn. No matter when the dawn is. Always a dream is with me. Like a mist. A diaphanous fabric of colour and movement and air and dreams. Do you wake up like that? I… Continue Reading “Sell me Your Dreams.”

The Hen-House Doors open to the Great Outdoors.

I let the chickens out in to the wilding field yesterday evening. We are safe from the rooster threat now. A few roosters went to one place and a few roosters went to another place (to introduce new characteristics to the gene pools of… Continue Reading “The Hen-House Doors open to the Great Outdoors.”

In Which Direction did My Rain Go?

Before I came to America I never thought about directions in relation to the compass. In New Zealand I never said going North for instance, I would say I am going up to Auckland. Intellectually I knew the sun rose in the East but… Continue Reading “In Which Direction did My Rain Go?”

Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog

Dogs are all the things. They are companions. Guard dogs. Guardian dogs. Farm dogs. Lap dogs. Nagging dogs. Old dogs. What else? The above shot is of Boo trying very hard not to look annoyed (and failing) as I take TOO LONG to get… Continue Reading “Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog”

How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.

Yesterday I noticed that Mr Flowers had a band of nylon string wrapped around one of his feet. And he only has one good foot. If left in place the nasty nylon string would continue to tighten and eventually cut off the toe (in… Continue Reading “How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.”

Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.

Do you remember those days? I loved the Sunday newspaper. How it was really fat, fat enough that everyone had a favourite section and took it off into a corner like a dog with a bone. I also loved how – if you got… Continue Reading “Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.”