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The Man at the Gate

The man was well dressed and nervous. He was standing on my lawn blocked by barking dogs as I stepped out onto the verandah. “Alright if I give treats to your dogs?” He called out with his back to the shiny late model city… Continue Reading “The Man at the Gate”

Charlotte makes a run for it – ungrateful pig.

So yesterday on my rounds I took the piggies out into pats paddock to have a munch on the grass. They love good long grass and there was a little out there. Then with no warning, Charlotte, aka Miss Naughty, went for a walk… Continue Reading “Charlotte makes a run for it – ungrateful pig.”

The Toughest Thing about getting Ready for NaNoWriMo…

… is the waiting. I am desperate to start my book. NaNoWriMo is a writing challenge. There will be thousands of people doing it in the month of November. We will all attempt write a 50;000 word book in a month. It will be… Continue Reading “The Toughest Thing about getting Ready for NaNoWriMo…”

You know what happens when I start telling the stories…

…it is like a little word sized window is left open at night and stories hop in, one after the other, while we are sleeping.  Before you know it there is a litter of stories giggling on the floor  just waiting to trip you… Continue Reading “You know what happens when I start telling the stories…”

The boy, the Tree and the Fence

Summer feet smell different. Sturdier, rugged,  a shiny honest dirt smell.  At the start of summer we inch and pick our way in  bare feet across the stones to the sand. By the late summer we stream barefoot across the carpark, through the beach… Continue Reading “The boy, the Tree and the Fence”

Some little stories for you because The Kitchens Garden blog is celebrating a year of Blogging

Today is the Fourth of July, 2012.  The Kitchens Garden and its Farmy has been on the internet, blogging about day to day growing, cooking and farming in a sustainable manner, using organic methods  for ONE YEAR! THE CROWD ROARS!  (If you open your… Continue Reading “Some little stories for you because The Kitchens Garden blog is celebrating a year of Blogging”

The Story of The Day I met Mama the Sheep

The day I met Mama the Sheep, it was a cold clear January morning. A man had called me and said he had sheep to sell, did I want a few.  So we hitched the rusty stock trailer to the red truck and went… Continue Reading “The Story of The Day I met Mama the Sheep”

Banty the Bantam Rooster

Did I tell you about my mother’s rock gardens? I think I did.  At the big house on the beach. You will remember that Dad said he would place a rock once then shift it once, then he was done. My Mother loved rocks.… Continue Reading “Banty the Bantam Rooster”

So, one day we put on a play

The basketball hit the fluourescent light bulb the very moment I stepped through the classroom door, as the new drama teacher. Glass confetti tinkling to my feet. Slightly alarmed I stood my ground as two tall teenage rugby players rushed me, dodging at the… Continue Reading “So, one day we put on a play”

Cooking Nights with the Old Folks

I was a very young Mum when I got a job for six weeks working with the night nurse at an old folks home. There were two of us and not very much to do, so the other nurse delightfully,  arrived each night with… Continue Reading “Cooking Nights with the Old Folks”