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The perfect O

Of surprise when visitors arrive, complete with bottles of wine, at dinner time when there is plenty to eat. So everything except food and conversation (and of course the bottles of wine) is gently put aside until the morning.  Today the sun is shining, we are… Continue Reading “The perfect O”

Making apple cider with just a hint of cuteness: due to popular demand.

Yesterday we made the apple cider. This year has been an astronomical year for apples. I have been collecting apples from a number of different trees over the last few weeks. We love to have a mixture of apple flavours in the cider. I… Continue Reading “Making apple cider with just a hint of cuteness: due to popular demand.”

Pickled Eggs and Food Photography

My first attempt at a real composition. This is not as simple as it looks. I can see everything that is wrong with each of these images and whats more  I can see what to do to make the image better.  And some areas… Continue Reading “Pickled Eggs and Food Photography”

The Man at the Gate

The man was well dressed and nervous. He was standing on my lawn blocked by barking dogs as I stepped out onto the verandah. “Alright if I give treats to your dogs?” He called out with his back to the shiny late model city… Continue Reading “The Man at the Gate”

Getting Re-Antiquated

I know that  heading (above) makes no sense but I have a challenge that once I have written my title  I must keep it. Sometimes the weirdest phrases and re-spellings get  stuck in  my head.  I am very grateful that you are all the… Continue Reading “Getting Re-Antiquated”

Cat as a Hat caught in a Driftnet

We had a bit of a driftnet gathering yesterday. (Our kind of Drift-netting means that you invite everyone you see over a period of time to arrive at different times of the day, slowly staggering them into the net. This way very diverse groups… Continue Reading “Cat as a Hat caught in a Driftnet”

The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!

The gardens this year have largely been a disappointment. Crops like the potatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni, butternuts, pumpkins, and beans have either refused to fruit or  curled up and died due to that extreme heatwave we had.  But the aubergine, beetroot and capsicum all in… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!”

A Small but Robust Sticky Crush

Yesterday we picked out first little crop of Vidal Blanc grapes for wine. We hauled everything out through the orchard into the teensy vineyard (10 vines to pick),  set up the harvest table, (made from old recycled barn timbers) and numerous vessels. Gathered the… Continue Reading “A Small but Robust Sticky Crush”

More wine, less whine.

Illinois was the fourth largest producer of wine grapes in the US up until Prohibition in 1919.  Johns Great-grandmother being one of those paid up card carrying tough old prohibition women. I even have her prohibition prayer cards to prove it somewhere around here.… Continue Reading “More wine, less whine.”