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Dear darlings – it is Saturday. I have finished chores and am sat down here at my desk with you and a cup of coffee. I feel I am beginning to get my rhythm back. Starting an (almost) full-time job plus maintaining my (full)… Continue Reading “LETTERS AND CABBAGES”


The last of the warm days is upon us. Though todays will be a cloudy warmth. After this we go down to more seasonal temperatures for the forseeable future (forseeable future being the 10 days of estimates the weather site gives us). Waking up to… Continue Reading “BLEACHED, BEACHED”


Day Two of abundant sunshine has dawned. So once again I will open up the North doors and shovel manure out onto the huge compost pile. 


The cows on the West side are more than happy with their big round bale. Stupid seldom leaves its side. Tia’s cousin. He is a beautiful animal. I had John place the round bale under the trees.  It is dry under there with not… Continue Reading “THE WEST SIDE”


The farmy has a sunny day ahead. Plus a high that may just tip us above freezing. My arms ache from carrying buckets of water for the cows so I hope we can get the hoses out today.  Carrying water is hard work. 


Broke the barn door.



Pigs do not bend

Pigs do not bend in the middle. When they walk they do not curl around the corner like dogs – they shuffle like little fat buses. Here WaiWai’s head is quite still while his rear end tap dances across to get in line before… Continue Reading “Pigs do not bend”

Sunday from Monday

And today being Monday  we look back on Sunday which was a gloriously sunny gardening day until the clouds rolled in and it rained buckets again.  So far this summer we have had torrential downpours every week.  Sometimes two or three a week.  … Continue Reading “Sunday from Monday”

The Lady Sits

We were working so fast on the Hay Day that I made a temporary tower of hay in the piglets front room.  They have made the area into a race track and snack area. They run madly round and round the tower then throw… Continue Reading “The Lady Sits”