The cows on the West side are more than happy with their big round bale.


Stupid seldom leaves its side.


Tia’s cousin.


He is a beautiful animal.


I had John place the round bale under the trees.  It is dry under there with not as much growth for them to trample.  These round bales cost me 25 dollars each. Grass hay. But there are not many of them.


Hopefully we get the bale of alfalfa silage soon so I can feed that out at the same time.  John will collect it soon I hope. It is difficult working with someone else (who is not working FOR me). I have to wait for him to do things in his own time.


But the cows are happy.  And as you can see we had sun all morning. And by late today most of that snow will be melted – there is drizzly rain coming too.

Today I am continuing work on cleaning up the chicken shed and the nesting boxes, etc. Taking advantage of this thaw. A number of chickens have taken to sleeping in the laying boxes, so we will address that problem too.  I will clean them right back to the laying mats and I will get John to put up another roosting pole.  (If he is around) The chickens have plenty of space to roost but there is a hierarchy, even in the chook house.  The last three days we have been able to collect TWO eggs a day.  The chickens are coming out of their rest period.  Good news!

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Already we are above freezing. No more sun though.

Saturday 01/20 30% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies this morning will give way to low clouds and drizzle during the afternoon. High 42F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.

Saturday Night 01/20 30% / 0 in
Cloudy with periods of drizzle. Areas of patchy fog. Low around 35F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

7:12 am 4:55 pm

Waxing Crescent, 11% visible 9:16 am 8:32 pm

38 Comments on “THE WEST SIDE

  1. Yes! Isn’t the warmup just wonderful? Our snow is just about gone here too! And it will be 55 degrees today and 67 tomorrow!!! ‘If you don’t like the weather just hang around awhile and it will change.” That’s what ‘they’ say about Arkansas! 🙂

    • Excellent play on words!! I do the small rectangular bales too – and the odd round bale during the harder months – I prefer, if I can to keep them out on the pasture all year round – even when there is none to eat – keeps that manure in its rightful place.

  2. Fresh eggs are the best. Yes, we are losing our snow too. I like the cover for the base of roses, trees etc., and the dumb daffodils who poke up too early only to have their tips frozen when it gets so cold again. Ah well, only a few more months to go.

  3. Good Morning Miss C – can you tell me who the characters are on the West side? If I remember correctly, Stupid is the hereford but I am not sure who is the one with horns? Love the one coming to check you out. Do you still have the one who was so sick as a calf?

  4. Another day of beautiful light! It is amazing how chicken lay relative to daylight hours. I read somewhere that they can be tricked by putting a light in their henhouse, to give them 14 hours of “daylight” per day. No doubt they are best off having a natural annual holiday though.

    • Right on both counts, I will start adding a light to extend their days about February – in the commercial set ups they have tons of light almost constantly –

  5. give those two laying chooks a raise, or at least some special privileges.. 🙂 Laura

  6. I know that there is more light everyday, but it’s hard to get my brain to experience it at first. it’s nice to hear something related to light has happened – like eggs. 🙂

  7. I am patient in so many ways, but cannot abide waiting for a guy to get something done in his own time. When my exhusband left, I had a list of 25 major projects that had not been finished (or even started) in 20 years. It took me a year to cut the list down to 22. I was working, I worked overtime, I did everything I could so I could pay people to do things. I could have done the same when I was married, but it made my husband feel guilty if I had to hire someone else to do his “chores.” He wasn’t a shirker, he just didn’t have much time and never the same priorities I did. We’re still friends. He likes living in town with no chores, I like being the queen of my own rural domain. I don’t have a lot of money, but I have the freedom to make plans and keep this place in good working order. I have a list of wonderful people I can hire for specific things. I grew up in a house where my father and brother always kept ahead of the chores. My brother still does that at his house and his wife has the opposite complaint (“Does anyone have a project my husband can work on?” she asks. “He’s driving me crazy.”) So this morning when I read your post it really struck a chord with me.

    The really old farms around here used to have a main house that was huge. Two stories with lots of bedrooms and a really big kitchen and dining room. There are still a couple of these big farmhouses in my area, slowly rotting away. There were always 3 or 4 extra guys who also lived with the family and worked on the farms. Or the farmer had a huge family to help with the chores. Our modern machinery and conveniences make it easier to do a lot of the work on a farm, we have chain saws and tractors, but there are times when it is so nice to have a couple of extra people.

    Also, it used to be possible to make a decent living on a farm. Now, at least one person has to have an outside job just to hang onto a place.

    Hang in there.

    • How I would love to have one of those old farmhouses – I would fill it with people. My Dad was like your Dad – they loved to tinker and keep things in order – I am afraid my John has an ipad that has him by the left leg. I hate that thing.

      • I have always wanted one of those big houses to do the same, load it with people. My son would wire it with wifi and he and his friends would sit in their rooms all day, playing computer games online. I also hate those things. My son is now 30. He wasted his 20’s, the only time of life when your physical body will take you anywhere you want to go, sitting on his butt playing stupid games. He has a job, he works long hours, but at home he’s not very useful.

  8. We have 60’s today here too but the darned wind is fierce! Our hens just started laying eggs again – now we’re getting 3 to 8 a day. Our hens are two years to 7 or 8 years old, so production is down anyway. Eggs are like gold this time of year… so happy and grateful to have enough for breakfast or baking!

  9. Our girls have resumed laying, too, but there is a lot more winter to come and thus, a slow-down in active productivity for a few more weeks, SOB!

  10. Fresh eggs are gold… The seasons are slowly swinging round again, though I don’t suppose you’ve seen the last of the snow. I suppose some time soon Down Under we’ll notice the days are getting shorter, but we have cyclone season to get through first.

  11. Oh, l’m dreaming of the warmer, longer days but any sunshine at this point would be most welcome. It is so dreary, dark and grey here right now…but these dreary, dark, grey days are a tad bit longer! 🙂 Remind me again, why is your cow named Stupid? Has she not earned a kinder name by now? I just feel bad for anything called Stupid…even if they are…

    • She is always lost – When she was younger I would have to go and find her and PUSH her to where the food is. I love Stupid though and stand by my right to call the beasties anything I like. c

  12. I don’t think I have ever missed a single post in these past few years, yet I cannot recall your ever explaining why you call one of the herd “Stupid”. To tell the truth–knowing how much you love and respect your animals–it bothers me.

    • Stupid is affectionately called Stupid because she is always, always late to dinner and cannot remember where any of the gates are. She is the hereford. And the sweetest wee cow. But very very stupid

  13. I have never been close to a cow. They must be remarkable to touch and stroke. Your photos are my closest to being near one.

  14. Oh, of course you can call your animals anything you like C. They’re yours to name and of course, she can’t know it’s a demeaning name. Growing up we were taught never to call anyone stupid or dumb as it was what bullies called other kids and what some parents called their children. Terrible! So, that’s probably why it was a bit bothersome to me too. No big deal, she is just a cow after all, not a person and you love her. 🙂

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