So much warmer this morning. And our Prime Minister in New Zealand is pregnant. She is great! We are hoping that she will breastfeed in The Chamber.  

Aunty Del finally gets her twins.


Still clear, the colours still soft. pasta-041

Boo is allowed a run every evening now. Just a little.


His favourite time of the night.



I am so stoked about the PM being pregnant. It just underscores that our politicians are people not demi-gods.  They are not superstars.  They are ordinary people who can have babies and families. Children are very welcome in New Zealand.  Every child gets free health care (doctors visits – prescriptions, etc)  until aged six and heavily subsidised doctors visits until they are seventeen and free dental care until they are seventeen.  Emergency room visits are free for all.  Hospital visits are free for all. If the doctor refers you through the public system,  even specialist visits are free for all.  Medicines,  prescriptions are heavily subsidised by the government so the cost to the taxpayer is small. Our taxes are not low but this is how all the health care is funded. Everyone contributes through their taxes.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand earns  NZ$471,049. plus 22,000 for expenses, travel, etc. A house comes with the job. (Her husband is going to be ‘a stay at home’ Dad). Though the PM’s office is in the Beehive.

The President of the United States earns  US $400, 000 plus another 160,000 for expenses, travel, etc. A house comes with his job too. But he has an office in his house.

Interesting that their pay is so similar.

Wow. I drifted way off task this morning.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love Celi


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61 Comments on “RUNNING DOG

  1. Drifting off task is okay. I love the NZ House and Bee hive…. Especially love the Bee hive building. And there are those chickens discussing their day…..

    Kiss Boo. He looks so happy running.

    • The Beehive was designed over lunch – a drawing on a table napkin – it is an oddly shaped building but we are used to it now.. the old parliament building is very classical – they are an odd couple. c

  2. I read the article about your PM being pregnant and thought it just marvelous. I agree–hope she breast feeds in public! Glad Boo is enjoying an evening run–he looks very happy!

  3. I hope the NZ Prime Minister breastfeeds in the Chamber too! As a very pro-breastfeeding advocate myself, any time someone in a position of power and influence can help normalize breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding in public (because babies don’t stop getting hungry just because you are not at home), is a tremendous gift.

    Also, how wonderful is it that she just incorporates the baby into her job! There are so many job where this would be possible with only a few concessions from the employer, and it is so much healthier for everyone–baby, mother, society in general. When I had my first, I worked at my aunt and uncle’s fruit and veggie stand on their farm starting when my little one was only 9 weeks old (and I wasn’t the only new mom my aunt and uncle hired who brought their baby with them). By allowing us to take short breaks when our babies needed to nurse or needed a fresh diaper or a bit of attention, we had no problem working. Society so often celebrates the birth of a new child but then expects the parents to hide that child and his or her needs (and the needs of the parent) away from their professional lives. While it won’t work with every job or in every situation, by breastfeeding in the Chamber, the Prime Minister would be showing that babies have needs and with a little help and understanding from those around them, babies can be a part of many professional lives–be that breastfeeding in the Chamber, carrying a baby in a sling while selling veggies, on-site daycare that parents can visit periodically throughout the day, or so many other things.

    I love the picture of Aunty Del and her babies walking and looking right at the camera. It has so much action to it. I almost expect them to walk right out of my computer screen.

    • IN NZ there really is no problem breastfeeding in public. My girls have never had any problems. I remember sitting on a bale of straw at a fair breastfeeding without a thought years ago. We all wore scarves and buttoned dresses so we COULD breast feed anywhere and anytime. I read of a day care in a big office building somewhere that had a breastfeeding ROOM, big chairs, low lights, relaxing music. Mum could just pop in when baby called. Or Dad could bottle feed whenever he could. I thought that was a great idea. c

      • Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I have no problem with people breastfeeding in public, AS LONG as they make some kind of effort to keep reasonably modest. I get that sometimes there might be a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, but too many women these days seem to think nothing of whipping out a full boob in front of everyone. This would not be acceptable under other circumstances! This might not be a popular view though. I just wish more places would make spaces for mothers to comfortably breastfeed.

    • Boo knows exactly the time that his run is going to commence and he is OFF through the everygreens. at full speed. Ton does not even bother – it is Boo’s time.

  4. No wonder you slightly drifted..the news is good. Such great news…I wonder if she will breastfeed in The Chamber…so many times mothers have been pushed into black abyss to feed their would be wonderful and a first off for NZ. Chooks all look happy too and Auntie Del is happy and Boo is happy…One big happy place to be….

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    • First in the world I think. Th ere has only ever been one other PM who gave birth while in office. The Pakistani PM – I forget her name. It is a rare thing. c

  5. I love your Prime Minister! Puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it? I’m marching in the Women’s March tomorrow. Trying to come up with a good sign. Thinking I might just carry a mirror…

  6. YAY! I’m so happy for your PM. It shows that they are humans as well. And a stay at home boot for her husband. Even better! XOXO – Bacon

  7. Reading the article about the PM’s residence made me just love the practicality of decisions.
    “It was leased to private individuals for six years in the late 1890s then returned to use as an official residence for the Prime Minister until the Great Depression when a new government in 1935 wished to avoid “show”.
    “For more than half a century generations of children came to know the building as their Dental Clinic until it was renovated and recommissioned as Premier House in 1990.”

  8. That title should read ‘Flying Dog’. Just one paw on the ground and a grin of doggy bliss on his dear face. As for the NZPM, well of course she should feed the baby wherever he or she happens to get hungry.

    • Love your words about Boo!!! Flying Dog and one paw on the ground!!! I love the Boo!!!

      • Boo loves his walks. And the PM will do whatever she thinks best – we are just having a bit of fun really. You are right – I would not want to decide where and when another woman should feed her baby.

  9. Thank you for sharing such wonderful information! I am so ready for our country to come out of the dark ages of patriarchal dominance and get real. I’m also glad Boo is able to run again a bit. Wish I could. 🙂 Aunty Del looks quite happy with her twins.:) and the chooks look cozy and chatty. Yay for good news! Happy Friday.

  10. Oh, I love seeing Boo running!
    Your post (I read the health bits out loud) triggered an interesting discussion here in my house this morning, with two very politically-savvy teenagers up and eating breakfast. Thank you for that. There are so many things that I feel we could do better here. That list keeps getting longer, it seems. Sigh.

  11. Aww ~my Boo Boy!!! Wuv ya boy!!! Great to see ya so happy happy!!! When I was in high school I coulda beat ya Boo!!! I was very fast running the 100 yard dash!! Even beat the Blackhawk Conference champ!!! Love that shot of the chickens!! Bet they’re solving the politics of the world!!! Have a good day Celi!! Spring is here this weekend and now I have to shut off all my outdoor Christmas lights!! I’m gonna miss ’em!!

  12. love the warm colors in the chook house….they look quite comfy and toasty! And Boo’s photo is wonderful-he is such a good dog. Glad he can run a bit now and again! Lovely that your PM has a life…..unlike some “famous” Hollywood types here.
    Have a lovely day!

  13. I hope your PM breastfeeds wherever she wants! When I lived in Israel our taxes were taken right out of our paychecks and everyone had full medical coverage everywhere. This country’s system is very broken. I think we just need to start over from scratch, like France did. Sigh! Love seeing Auntie Del and the babies, and Boo just looks like he is over the moon!

  14. I am fairly that Trump blew through his expenses on the first day. He is spending millions and millions on his golf weekends. Happy Boo is a welcome sight. Happy Friday.

  15. Wonderful news about NZ’s Prime Minister! The tides are changing and in a good way! I just read a great reply a breastfeeding mother gave to someone suggesting she go breast feed her baby in the bathroom of a restaurant they were in. She said…”why don’t you go eat where everyone
    s—s”! Hah!!

    • Oh dear no – why would you breast feed a baby in the toilet – sad. Done naturally – no-one would even notice. I am sure they would rather that than a screaming baby.

  16. How apt that we are talking about breastfeeding, I have three daughters and two of those have just had babies, six weeks apart! Like buses, no grandchildren for years then two within weeks of each other. We meet up for lunch quite a lot and they both breast feed in public, very discreetly, and so far it’s been a positive experience.

    • That will be wonderful – wee cousins growing up together! We all wear scarves and things nowadays, if Mum wears the right clothing it is easy to feed baby without anyone even noticing and if they do there is nothing that they could see that would upset them. Good for your young women! c

  17. Free (ie, taxpayer covered) healthcare for all would be wonderful in the US. Right now I get free govt. healthcare because I do not make much money. I fear I have caught pneumonia again this year (I got it last year) and I get to go see a doctor tomorrow. I wish I could not imagine sitting at home, coughing up blood, and not being able to see a doctor because of the cost… But that’s just the sort of thing that happened to my mum that made her cancer terminal from lack of early detection/treatment. I hope we get a more stable and permanent change towards medicare for all soon.

    • Oh No – I hope you are not getting ill. It is the season with this up and down weather. I do hope the doc sorts things out for you and you get better soon. We do have a User Pays choice in New Zealand, that way you can get private treatment. Those who buy health insurance can use the private services too – I think. But most of us choose the public option. It may take a bit longer for some non life threatening procedures but you get to see the same doctors. There is no perfect system.

  18. Australia has had a couple of ministers breast feed in the chamber, one even while she was making a speech! but no Prime Minister, so that would be the next step! But you are right, she probably won’t. We should not put unfair expectations on her. After all, they were told they would not be able to have children without some help in conceiving, so that is already their personal miracle. I’m very happy for them too!

  19. There are at least two ministers who take tbeir babies to work. A creche is peovided as is a “quiet room” where they can breastfeed their babies. New Zealand has come a long way and quite quickly. Jacinda and Clark were interviewed together and seem really happy. The only fly in the ointment is Winston will be acting PM when she is away on maternity leave for six weeks.

  20. Beautiful photos, I really like the roosting chickens. Great shot. Congrats to the PM and her husband and family. I will keep my terrible thoughts to myself about pay scale and our president. (Just a wee bit safer that way)

  21. Coming on late . . . Celi Gunther – I double-dare you to send this copy of your blog to the NZ PM – it absolutely would make her day and give her just that tad extra ‘people-power’ from around the world! Good’on’ya!!

  22. I had to chime back in because just today I saw another mum’s advice to people who don’t like women breastfeeding in public…She said…for those of you who are offended by breasts, especially dairy breasts..ha ha…just turn your head…human anatomy…it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it? Just turn your freaking head the other way! :))

  23. I debated whether to post this or not. I am venturing two, perhaps controversial, opinions today. Disclaimer: I did not vote for Jacinda, I didn’t like the way the whole election was handled, with a last minute change of leader, and all the last minute deals behind doors. Anyway. Part of me feels that it was irresponsible of her to take up the party leadership and enter coalition agreements knowing she was pregnant, or without making it known at least. The voting public has a right to know whether there is anything which could impact on a leader’s ability to do their job, and although having a baby is not a ‘disease’, it is still a major event in a woman’s life, and she will still have to take some time off for it. Running a country is perhaps one of the most responsible jobs there is, and unfortunately when she has time off, she leaves us in the hands of Winston, which very few people are happy about.

    However, I’m also delighted for her personally, and I think it’s great that it is shining a spotlight on women who have children while working, and fathers who choose to stay at home. I just hope everything goes according to plan, and we’re not left with a leader who nobody wanted!

  24. It is always nice to see babies in parliament. The are in the Canadian parliament often, not PM but the other memebers. There was one minister in parliament, way back in the 80’s, who did feed her breastfeed her baby during question period (Sheila Copps). Those old farts in the old boys club kicked up such a fuss, but she stood up to them and did it anyway. She went through a lot back then, always something in the news. I was a very young child and I remember it. I hope the NZ PM feels comfortable and is supported and breastfeeds whereever she wants. The main thing is the mother is comfortable, relaxed and has the support of those around her.

  25. She’s a great girl .. up front and so genuine. Breast feeding in the Chamber .. can’t see why not 😃 love the chook pics Celi and Boo running like mad

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