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Sexist Farming

No. Not sexier farming. Lordy – get your mind out of the gutter! Sexist farming. The hens and the roosters have been separated! All the boys have been left outside. And all the girls are in the hen house. I do not want those… Continue Reading “Sexist Farming”

The How

The How is In the Plan. Read on! And comment! For a plan we must have an objective. 🌟My objective is to create a resource for people who want to develop a home that aligns with their concerns for the welfare of the planet… Continue Reading “The How”

Mopping Up the Details

It might take a while to get you all up to date! Let’s hope I can stay the course a bit longer this time. Though we will be drifting into bread baking a bit more often – this being a huge focus in my… Continue Reading “Mopping Up the Details”


The cows on the West side are more than happy with their big round bale. Stupid seldom leaves its side. Tia’s cousin. He is a beautiful animal. I had John place the round bale under the trees.  It is dry under there with not… Continue Reading “THE WEST SIDE”

Sun Dogs

Is it not too early in the winter to find a sundog in our sky?  The sun and her dog. Ice crystals hanging up there? Refracting and reflecting the low rays. 

No title today

I can’t think of one. This morning the chickens leave, they are almost all sold.  And on Friday we pick all the egg plant and thyme and capsicums – sell those. The eggs are selling well still but I am still having trouble with… Continue Reading “No title today”

So cool

This morning it is 54F (12C). Not cold in wintery terms but downright chilly in the language of a midwest summer.  All the animals are more than happy about it though. Except the wee chicks. It is very good for the meat chickens who… Continue Reading “So cool”

As the trees grow

Every year I plant as many trees as i can buy or grow or find. And one thing I have noticed about the mornings is how loud it is with bird song this year.  Especially the cardinals. I seldom see them as they love… Continue Reading “As the trees grow”

Never Enough Flowers

I cannot get enough of this field of wild flowers.  It is so rare to get such a perfect stand. I have a feeling it will be one of a kind. And this year will be its best year. A little gift for us… Continue Reading “Never Enough Flowers”


Today my new farm worker arrives.  If all goes well she will stay a few months which will be nice.  She has been working on a goat farm so I look forward to hearing her story. We all have a story.   Many of… Continue Reading “Eclectic”