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Change coming

‘Tis but a banging of the door behind you, a blithesome step forward, and you are out of the old life and into the new! Wind in the Willows. I am sending this book out to my children. I need to read it again… Continue Reading “Change coming”


Cows can Jump


Was that the last summer day?

A momentous decision

I have decided that this season is my last summer milking cows. It has taken me a lot of thinking but I have made up my mind. A number of reasons really – among them and the most important: my family keeps growing, they… Continue Reading “A momentous decision”

Pat’s Eye

Pat agreed to pictures not words so here is what she saw yesterday. I hope you have a l0vely day! We will. Your friends on the farmy, Pat, Hugo and Celi    

Hay is Down

Today the hay man came and mowed the hay down, something a hay man is wont to do.  I will rake it in a couple of days and then he will return to bale it.  All we need is a few days of dry weather.… Continue Reading “Hay is Down”

The Bee Hive goes Up a Level

Still wrapped in the gentleness of the summer glide we had a productive day yesterday. Summer sauce went into jars. Dried capsicum into jars. Stuff I am not going to eat came Out of jars and into the mouths of my piglets. I have… Continue Reading “The Bee Hive goes Up a Level”

Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics

I started writing these pages in  July so I am just thrilled to bits by your response. And would like to say thank you for getting me this far.  Now, as you know, I am going to produce a collection of POSTCARDS from your… Continue Reading “Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics”

The Corn Harvest

A combine harvester in my garden:             What was that about a picture and a thousand words? c      

A little Jack

The Frost I meant. Jack Frost was here. Not the drink! Not in the morning, I am being good today!  You guys!!  Look: Cupboard Love -Chooks, hoping to ambush me. Here is a little Jack Frost this morning. and here.  The corn is still hanging… Continue Reading “A little Jack”