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Cows can Jump

Growing Good Grass in Spring Storms

Yesterday morning, after doing the chores and various jobs around the farmy, Big Dog, TonTon, Mary’s Cat and I went for our usual early morning walk through the long grass down by the creek which is now a ditch, and along the fences, checking… Continue Reading “Growing Good Grass in Spring Storms”

Bouncers in the Bee hive and a Most Unsettling Steer

WELL we all made it through another day and another night in one piece peacefully. Such a beautiful day yesterday. I have decided that TonTon is actually sleeping with Mama because she is casting such a big shadow. Do you see? Mama has a… Continue Reading “Bouncers in the Bee hive and a Most Unsettling Steer”

Hairy MacLairy gets his Own Way.

Someone is putting on weight. At this time of year and for at least another 6 weeks, if not longer, I have to keep the animals out of the fields for two reasons 1) so that the grass can grow. Daisy does not understand… Continue Reading “Hairy MacLairy gets his Own Way.”

Walkabout the Farmy on a Still Sepia Day

Good morning.  I took you around the farmy yesterday. Yesterday was a day of bird song. It was still, overcast and bright. Which is actually a perfect day for the camera if you want some serious light for the densest colour in your images.… Continue Reading “Walkabout the Farmy on a Still Sepia Day”

Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.

Early this morning I took you all to walk the fences with me. I do this walk every morning and evening for the dogs toilet time.  This is the wild area, where the weeds and all that wild  grass is allowed to grow. I… Continue Reading “Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.”