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Pre-Warp Speed

How we reached pre-warp speed so fast I have no idea. (What was pre warp speed called anyway – cruise? But Warp speed is on its way!)  But yesterday had everything happening at once. Thankfully I had Gracie and the Cadet to help out.… Continue Reading “Pre-Warp Speed”

Willy Nilly

When we got home from Rushville, Indiana, arriving with our lovely cargo of two corrugated iron huts for assorted animals (three hours there and three hours back), I found all the cats milling about on the barn table waiting for dinner. There is no point in… Continue Reading “Willy Nilly”

Lifting Gloom

For the last few days we have had good big periods of sun.  Vitamin D is flooding back into our systems.  All the animals lounge in the delicious sunlight. Soaking it up. Like yellow flowers. Though a good number stare through the window (where… Continue Reading “Lifting Gloom”

Aunty Del pops in

For a while now Aunty Del and the sheep have been wandering about in the fields down the back, checked every day but without much interaction.   The feed in the fields is good but with the cold coming I decided to bring her… Continue Reading “Aunty Del pops in”

writing farmer

No prettying this shot up. I spent most of yesterday  working on the children’s book. The one where Daisy  and Poppy and Kupa and Sheila and Marmalade and TonTon all go to Milan and crash a fashion show, and Poppy overcomes her fear of… Continue Reading “writing farmer”

A month in Pictures

Nanette (my memory) made sure that I made our month in pictures for July.  So here are my highlights and lowlights. I can’t believe how much we got through last month. These cute little chicks turned into theseand they have two more weeks to… Continue Reading “A month in Pictures”

Late Late For a..

… well you know the rest.  I woke late this morning! Yesterday was another sweet day. The sheep slept with Mama who was chewing her cud and watching the world go by from her bed in the field. The plonkers laid about in the… Continue Reading “Late Late For a..”

Gentle afternoon

Mama is still resting comfortably, not moving much. Twitching flies off her ears, and changing position every now and then. She is still very alert, bashes the others out of the way to get to her food and even rises up onto her knees to eat.… Continue Reading “Gentle afternoon”

Summer veg with bite marks

are my favourite food. Because then you know they are organic. Last night we had a vegetarian borscht and the best courgette and feta pancakes ever. Divine. I love eating from the garden. The garden decides the menu. The weather is so cool that the flowers are… Continue Reading “Summer veg with bite marks”

‘Tis a puzzle meant

You will all remember that Hairy MacLairy left the property to go to the big farm over the rise in mid January. Due to the high rate of problem deliveries I decided not to have any more lambs. So he went off to play with… Continue Reading “‘Tis a puzzle meant”