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Pre-Warp Speed

How we reached pre-warp speed so fast I have no idea. (What was pre warp speed called anyway – cruise? But Warp speed is on its way!)  But yesterday had everything happening at once. Thankfully I had Gracie and the Cadet to help out.… Continue Reading “Pre-Warp Speed”

7F (-14C ) is too bloody cold for November

All the cats and dogs crept inside last night.  It was a zoo. But they knew it was going to get very cold. Scrapper took over Maramalade and Boo’s bed. For the whole afternoon. Boo took it back later in the  night Much to… Continue Reading “7F (-14C ) is too bloody cold for November”

Corn is down.. I can see for miles and miles!

With a sunrise like this we had to have a good day. And we did. Because the men in their green machines, came and took the corn away. Later we went out to play in the stripped field. After pausing in the long grass for… Continue Reading “Corn is down.. I can see for miles and miles!”

Life goes on …

But without the Little Kitten I am afraid. I wish I could give you better news. He died while sleeping in the sun yesterday morning.  In all the time he was here he never really woke up. His eyes seldom opened. He weighed little… Continue Reading “Life goes on …”