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The Beach

For the last couple of days we have been at the beach in Cambria, California. We got a little motel room and in the morning while all the sleepy heads slumbered, I dressed and raced over the road to find the beach. My heart… Continue Reading “The Beach”

Polling day –

So this morning I thought I would ask you a few multi choice questions about your experience here. It will only take seconds. Even if you have never commented before I would love you to join in.  It is a mix of a bit… Continue Reading “Polling day –”

Letter from Pat

Today we are back on the road to take Pat to the train. As well  as her calm support, Pat has helped us enormously, firstly being the farmers wife and secondly being the Piglet Mother while I do chores in the morning and afternoons so Lurch will… Continue Reading “Letter from Pat”

The moment between the minutes

When my son was here we were talking about technology and smart phones and audio books and things like that. And how we can do all these interesting things on the move. When we have a spare moment we can check our emails or… Continue Reading “The moment between the minutes”

Once a week

Once a week we are looking at this patch of ground – top sown with my special pasture cocktail.  Watching the grass grow. I am excited. The pasture not so much. In case you cannot see the whole of the picture in your header,… Continue Reading “Once a week”

I don’t know the title today

The thing with disappointment is that you just have to swallow and deal with it. I think the actual swallow is pretty important to this process. Like a pause. A stand on the one foot.  The stillness. The re-evaluation- once again- after all this… Continue Reading “I don’t know the title today”

Tane the Terrible

I got distracted. That’s all I can say in my defense.  I came out of the field and put the bucket down, why I do not know. I always take the eggs straight to the kitchen.  But yesterday the eggs were left in a… Continue Reading “Tane the Terrible”

What makes you strong?

What gives you that last ounce of strength?  What makes you reach for the impossible and win? What gives us the ability to tap that secret cache of power we all hold.  What enables us to survive.  To push through when the odds are so stacked… Continue Reading “What makes you strong?”

Spanish Black Turkeys

The  Spanish Black  turkeys are growing very slowly. But surely.  They are inquisitive and have a shrill call when they think they are being ignored.  I still have no idea what the gold one is. I am hoping it is a hen though. Then we… Continue Reading “Spanish Black Turkeys”


We got the call! I am running back outside to finish the chores then Our John and I  are going drive away and pick up the baby goats. The Kids Ma, The La Manchas, I am off to pick up the kids. YAY.  When I… Continue Reading “Later”