Tag: The Fellowship of the Farmy

Letter from Pat

Today we are back on the road to take Pat to the train. As well  as her calm support, Pat has helped us enormously, firstly being the farmers wife and secondly being the Piglet Mother while I do chores in the morning and afternoons so Lurch will… Continue Reading “Letter from Pat”

Cameos from California

Actually more of a vignette, but cameo and California rolls off the tongue.. As we speak I am off out this morning to check all our animals on the farmy. c Tomorrow we will get ourselves all up to date on the farm. But… Continue Reading “Cameos from California”

Stepping out of a few more Fellowship back doors!

Such gloriousness in our ordinariness! We are doing a series on the views from the Backdoor steps of the Fellowship of the Farmy.  If you are a reader you are part of the Fellowship. This is the third Fellowship Backdoor page! We are on… Continue Reading “Stepping out of a few more Fellowship back doors!”