Cameos from California

Actually more of a vignette, but cameo and California rolls off the tongue..





As we speak I am off out this morning to check all our animals on the farmy.









Tomorrow we will get ourselves all up to date on the farm. But we have been in good hands. The UnBloggers have been out in force. But there are more of you. I think I want to have more Unbloggers guest posts. The Fellowship is a force to be reckoned with.

I will see you all tomorrow.

love your friend, back on the farmy


79 Comments on “Cameos from California

  1. Welcome home, c. I hope to visit with my grandchildren sometime next year. Hopefully. Don’t believe anyone who says that distance is no obstacle. It is. Give all my best to the farmy.

    • Distance is most definitely an obstacle.But one we can surmount with a little time and determination.. and patience, patience is the tough one.. c

  2. Welcome home, Celi! Your blog was in good hands, as was the farmy I’m sure. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Have a great day … stay dry!

      • Isn’t it though? I was out running errands all morning and though many leaves are already down, the maples are in full-color. Some stretches of the roadway were incredible! I can only imagine how good it all looks flying overhead. πŸ˜‰

  3. So happy you had a wonderful visit! And happy to have you back as well! xo

    • Thank goodness everyone is well on the farmy, and Ton is very happy to be lying in front of the last… c

    • morning missy and mike, I have just spent an hour shovelling the proverbial out of the cows night corner.. feels good to be back in charge.. c

  4. If pictures are worth a thousand words each, then I am certain you had a great time while visiting in California. I do love that B&W, enjoyed the guest posts, and I am glad to hear that you will do it again in the future! Such fun!
    Welcome back, Celi!

    • Yes, we have many UnBloggers in the Fellowship of the Farmy. I hope we can do more of this, it is fun to get to know people a wee bit more.. c

  5. Welcome home my friend – you were missed! As was knowing how all the animals on the farmy are doing. Can’t wait to catch up with all your news

    • Camera House and I are on it.. a grim day here but once the rain eases up we will be out getting those shots for you.. so far everyone is good though.. c

    • Morning Audrey, that is my old photographers side, and it was nice to have time to focus on a different set.. c

  6. Hello Celi,
    My apologies for joining in the fellowship in your absence. We had only just sorted out how to make comments before you went away and after the first day I realized I couldn’t continue to let your guest posters go without expressing my appreciation. I stumbled across your blog and now you are part of my day. I have been moved and inspired….. Thank you.
    I love your photos today, especially the last one with sand slipping through little hands, it really does say a lot to me.

    • Good morning Kim, I am so glad you are able to comment now, espcially as we slip into the winter, you and the other commentorsof the fellowship are my anchors.. c

    • Welcome Kim! you will love it here. Isn’t it funny how quickly the farmy becomes part of your daily ritual? Welcome back C!!! Love the photos!

  7. Lovely pictures, they really capture the essence of Californian & family life. Glad you’re back though!

    • You know what i mean when I say it is lovely to visit the family, wishing all the time that it was not so special, that you were just down the road for cups of tea and babysitting anytime.. and then it is lovely to be home again, amongst your own farm family nd the quiet. c

  8. Missed you lots, but did enjoy my travels around the world too πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the farmy catch up. Laura

  9. Welcome back. Although I missed you, the intervening blogger posts have been charming and informative, with some contrasting views and lifestyles.

    Those littlies are gorgeous. And I love those trousers with the hearts on!

    • My wee granddaughter has older cousins and piles of hand me downs .. she has some lovely outfits! I hope you are having a good morning Viv.. c

  10. welcome home and welcome “bloggy-home”….!

    cannot wait to see the full post of california cameos.

    really enjoyed your guest bloggers.

    • Morning honey, that is pretty much all from california.. The Blog has parameters. My promise is Only on the farm and Only yesterday, so tomorrow you will see today.. guaranteed. I think this is why we all love it when I travel! c

  11. Welcome home! I really loved the guest posts… you left us in most excellent hands. Your photos are a lovely reflection of your stay in California and the love of family. I hope we’ll hear more about your trip!

    • Good morning, The trip was gentle and lovely and full of good food.. maybe I will revisit some of the dishes we created! c

  12. You certainly have a way of capturing such touching shots; the little shoes, sweet and innocent faces, the brick bbq….you don’t even have to put words to this post to get a feel for your wonderful trip. Welcome home!!

  13. YOU’RE HOME! Yay! πŸ˜€ Those photos of that darling little girl touched my heart! Black and whites are my favorite! That is an amazing shot! She looks just like someone I know! Hmmmm….wonder who? Could it be the pretty lady we affectionately call Celi? πŸ˜‰ Handsome guy and handsome pup! Nice smoker! All those bricks! My son is laying bricks for a driveway at his home in NC! Getting it ready for ssale…wants to buy acreage in OK. It’s in the blood…loving the outdoors! πŸ˜€ Don’t work too hard! I know all your farmy kids are so happy to have you home. Just like all of us! (((hugs))) Mere

  14. p.s. Thank you for the opportunity! So many interesting people from all over the globe…I never would have had the chance to meet these incredible people without you… πŸ˜€

    • You are most welcome mere, we all loved seeing where you work all day too.. I hope you are not to cold out there yet, it is still quite mild out here in Illinois.. c

      • Single digits early this morning. MN is getting the snow and to the south! Not us yet. Phew! Hope it stays mild for you! Winter will be upon us soon enough…Ta ta!

  15. Welcome home, Celi. I have missed you, but really enjoyed the guest bloggers. Thank you for thinking to keep us happy with the unbloggers. It was a joy to meet all of them and travel to their corners of the world. Your pictures are lovely. Time really does fly when having fun, eh? I feel we are all kind of like a family here. Wonderful supportive folks. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air compared to the nastiness out there.

    • We blow nastiness away with all our freshness. I am going to be doing a call for more UnBloggers in the winter, there is so much to see and learn out there.. c

  16. Welcome home, Celi,. We missed you and would have died on the vine without your guest bloggers. It makes me feel like I have friends all over the globe. That little girl is just precious. Lovely. And I love the doggie dear too. Happy for TonTon. I’ll bet he missed you most of all. Can’t wait to hear how all the girls are doing and how Boo and his Marmalade fared.

  17. Welcome back, lovely times with your family, such a good time we had with your unbloggers, and now I can’t wait to see nannyboo and the kitty.

  18. Cameo, vignette… a delicious degustation. The pics say so much, without words the essence is apparent. And, I know what you mean, it’s nice to be there but it’s nice to be home. It’s wonderful that in some ways that we are offered wider opportunities & communities, and distances are surmounted but sometimes it’s just not possible in day-to-day living, where we miss our dearest.

  19. Welcome home Celi – I just wish you could have had a few more days! And your wee granddaughter is not so wee any more: gorgeous young lady . . . loved the ‘hands’ photos! Touch is one sensation absent on the phone or mail . . . yet so important!

    • You are so right, no amount of phone calls can make up for that wee snuggle of the head into the shoulder.. c

  20. Welcome home and love your vignette. Definitely tells a story! πŸ™‚ We loved your unbloggers, they did a fantastic job and all of them should be bloggers.

  21. Such precious pictures C! Your grandbabies are beauties. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Welcome home. πŸ™‚

  22. Welcome home and so nice to see those little hands and faces in your photos. Hope you had fun and relaxation.

  23. It looks like you had a great time away. What a gorgeous series of images. I love the one of the dog and the little girl – precious xx

  24. It was a real treat to meet the UnBloggers, as you call them. Love those little shoes, and the cutie pie who wears them is adorable, too.

  25. I am way behind with commenting, I was caught up with hospital appointments and my daughter being here for the few days. I did enjoy reading al the ‘UnBloggers’, but may not have managed to leave comments on all. My on-line time was limited.

    It is good to have you back, and the the California photos brought sunshine to my day!

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