Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.

I know. I know, I say that all the time.  But it is true. Who does not want to do a Jig when you are finally delivered back Home.  Home again, Home again. Jiggedy  – Jig!  Home. Our favourite destination. Though, like  all Immigrants and I am one, as are many of the Fellowship, we are never really home, we have many homes. But we choose this one.

When I finally reached this Home last night I raced in the door, pushed off all my silver bracelets, then returned the diamond rings  (I love diamonds, I don’t care what anyone says. I love sparkly things – luckily so did my grandmother, great grandmother and my mother) to their wooden box. Shrugged out of my wool travelling coat and soft, soft leather city boots then into my work jacket and My gumboots.  I gathered my dogs,  who leapt about my feet nipping each other for my attention,  and Torch in hand – out I went to walk the farmy.

All was well.


Everyone was asleep except Daisy who lowered her large bovine head from a great height for a dignified scratch and Sheila, who did not get up, but made her pleasure at my return known with her little grunts and sighs and squeaks and requests for me to lower myself down to scratch behind her ears.   If I would be so kind. 

whats-new-3454 whats-new-3455

The leaves have fallen. I took my eyes off the trees for only a few days and off they blew. Very carefully, with considered apologetic gentleness, they unlatched from their summer twig and drifted, puffed by a cooling breeze,  like dying butterflies, to the earth.


Not so Sheila. Sheila was all huff and puff  yesterday morning but no drifting. She was all Life and Lectures. All morning she followed me about, grunting her deep reservations about time off and holidays and vacations and so forth.  She sat behind me as I worked, nudging my thighs with her judgmental snout.  Snorting and pointing. Back where you belong miss c. No more of that gadding about, miss c. Work to do,  miss c, etc, etc, etcetera. (Roll the “r”)


Temperatures are dropping. We all need extra straw.


The summer things need folding and putting away.


Daisy and Queenie need more feed. Their night pen is a mess.. . I know Sheila.


Though Hairy and Mama are fine where they are at the moment, we have to think of a door for them for the winter. Everyone needs a door to the barn.


They are not having mine, says Sheila. I am keeping the sun room. nanny-boo-100

Those sheep can just bite my bottom. I am not sharing.

Certainly not with HIM.


Well, I can see your point Sheila honey.  Boo is not a terribly graceful dog. But he is awfully nice to his wee Marmalade Cat.





I know, I know, too.  Says Sheila.

mmm. Marmite.


Autumnal medley.

home-004 home-012 home-008

Sheila got extra straw for her bed last night.  She is a good piggie. 

Home again. Home again. Jiggedy Jig.

With my good fat pig.

I hope you all  have a lovely day. Lots for me to do today. Playing catch up.

Love from your friend on the farmy,


75 Comments on “Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.

  1. Awwwww, welcome home. You are a wild mix indeed. Pigs. Diamonds. Dogs. Soft leather boots. Gadding about. Coming home. Life is indeed rich. Your friends took good care of us while you were gone. Love is all around you. I can’t help but smile. Happy working day, Celi.

    • It has dawned clear and cold this morning, it will be a good day just as soon as the sun warms us up a little.. morning charlotte.. c

  2. I love it when I’m Germany and actually see your post pop up before my eyes.
    It is lovely to see family and be “out in the world”, and for me at the moment to eat brötchen and view the old world and be with my love. But I will also look forward to landing in Seattle, driving to Anacortes, hopping on the ferry, and lastly a short drive to our home.
    Makes for real appreciation all ’round. xx wendy
    ps – I’ve squeaked out about 6K words. Just enjoying without pressure.

    • once you get the hang of writing without worrying about errors and letting your mid run free it feels really great doesn’t it? If i am going to join i had better start today.. Play catch up again!! c

  3. Fabulous to have you back on the farmie but what a wonderful trip you had! So glad you had some time away and shared your friends with us here while you were gone! Loved meeting all of them.

  4. welcome home!!
    so sweet to “see” your joy at being back on the farm with all your animal friends!
    and i must say, it’s good to see the farm photos again.

  5. Hi Celi! Happy to have you back! And happy to see the gang on the farmy! Everyone there looks so ‘fat and sassy’ and happy! I know you must also feel wonderful being back! Welcome home! xo

    • Thanks Di and thanks again for being one of the team of unbloggers who stole the show.. most excellent, i hope it was not too cold milking this morning.. ot have you dried them up? c

  6. As lovely as it is to get away, there is nothing like getting home and sleeping in your own bed and reconnecting with your animals. Only difference is all mine sleep on my bed!
    Lovely to see Marmalade doing so well. Precious little kitten that.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • The aisles between the seats are getting thinner.. have you noticed that? She might have to go on a diet before she travels! I can see it though.. c

      • I’m so pleased the aisles are getting thinner – there I was thinking maybe I was getter fatter 🙂 🙂 what a relief! Good to see all the happy animals, ear scratch for Hairy when next you go past him. Laura

  7. You have such an eye for beauty, Celi. Loving your Farmy pictures today. My favorites are the last one of Boo and Marmalade, and the one of the water hydrant. May I ask? What is the wood under the Marmite jar? I love its live edge. It is gorgeous! (guessing black walnut)

    • It is walnut, my cabinet maker and i had been looking and looking for timber to build the big shelves with .. then lo an behold he finds a man who is paid to take down trees for people who do not know any better. His brother then mills them and his daughter stacks them to dry and sells the planks. At a dollar a foot! It is a few hours from here but he brought back this walnut and some blue elm and is going back for more. They even have orange wood. They have all kinds of wood. This piece he polished for me for the table.. I will back it with felt so it does not scratch.. wonderful isn’t it!.. c

  8. There is nowhere like home, how true that is!
    Nice to have you back Celi, – your Un-blogger friends took good care of us whilst you were gone , giving us a wonderful insight into their part of the world.. hope we hear more from them.
    You have been missed by the farmy and the Fellowship . . . welcome home!

    • To market to market to buy a fat pig, home again, home again, jiggity jig! I have an amazing memory for nursery rhymes! My mom used to say them to us when we were little! Thanks for the memory! 🙂 I sure do miss her…sigh…

  9. I understand about everyone needing their own door to the barn, I wish it was easier to accomplish! Love your photos, good to see everyone so well.

  10. What a lovely happy post – I’m so glad you’re back safe and sound, and I am sure all the animals are too.. We have new near neighbours: Crowing Crone Joss has moved into a gîte for the winter, only about 5 kilometres away.

    Enjoy being home but don’t work too hard!

    • How exciting both for you and Joss that she can move in so close by. I hope you have a sparkling french winter in store for her.. c

  11. Your way with words is remarkable..so descriptive and yet emotional, with feeling, and smell…with touch snd feel..no wonder you are a good writer…
    its good to have you back, but I am pleased that you went away for a break.You really did need it. Yet, you still left us all with writers of great eminence, yet each one different from the last. There was not one that I failed to enjoy reading.. Thank you for that wonderful treat.

  12. You know how much I love all your photos, but the visuals from your words speak to me in ways that bring life to your thoughts as you do your walk about. All are happy to have momma home! Sheila you are such a character! Rofl! Boo your grace may be questionable, but not your warm kindly heart! Our leaves are barely hanging on and when the sun doesn’t come up and the temp. drops…looks rather gloomy and sad. I love the sun and every winter I feel like a bear slowing down for hibernation til the sun returns once again. If I don’t have days where I can get out and do things… the full spectrum light bulbs help a lot! This is the time when I turn up that heat!!!! The warmer the better! It can be cold outside, but inside I like it toasty! 😀
    Stay warm! (((hugs))) Always, Chatterbox Mere! 😀

  13. p.s. I mean…seriously…what gal doesn’t like diamonds, soft leather boots, and a nice lambs wool and cashmere coat! Out here we say that we clean up good! 😉 And we do! We are barely recognizable! LOL

  14. Home is where the heart is they say – and my heart like yours has to move around some LOL. When I go back to the UK, it is lovely to see my family and especially my grandchildren, but my furry friends give me such I welcome when I return, I feel I could never leave them again.
    Just back from the vets having picked up JJ and Oliver, who have been ‘fixed’ – funny thing is the girl at the vets said yesterday when I dropped them off “two kittens for Castration” and I cringed. Please don’t use that word, say Neutered, it sounds kinder! Funny how there are some words that really grate on the nerves……

  15. There is just soo much love for you on the farmy Miss C!! I’m sure all God’s animals were loving having you back home!! Home is where are heart is at for sure. We can put on all the glam and enjoy a getaway, but women like us, enjoy the comforts of our home nest!!

  16. Welcome back! Glad things were in relatively good order upon your return. Animals can be very uppity when you’ve been away; Spunkie, bunny #3 used to come running down the hall, so excited to see us, stop just about a yard away (remembering we had deserted her) turn around and give us her bottom for a few hours.

  17. Oh, how wonderful your words and pictures are. When I read your blog first thing in the mornings it sets the tone for my whole day. Yep, home is always the best place to be and, of course, all the animals are happy you are back, too. Boo and the marmarlade kitten are so precious! Your farmy is warm with love and caring. I really love Sheila….what a gal!!! So glad you are home safely. My chickens love to peck at my diamond ring when I feed them. Love the bling.

  18. Uhm… people say bad things about diamonds?! Gasp!
    I don’t own many diamonds, but it’s not because I don’t hanker for them. I suspect I am part magpie – I too, love sparkly things.
    Welcome home 🙂

  19. You nailed it Miss C. We have many homes but there is always THE ONE. Like you I have just returned from one of my homes. It feels like I have been away a century. V.

  20. welcome back; nice to meet your blog friends – wishing them well; i’ve never had Marmite; wonder what it tastes like? love the animals and yoru descriptions.

  21. So good to have you back. Marmalade kitten has grown while you were away, the leaves have fallen, the days are shorter. Now you can put your roots back into your own earth and be happy again…

  22. The colours around the farm during Autumn are very pretty. I love seeing all your animals. They all look like they get along very well and live very happy lives. My fingers are worn down to my elbows from all the scratching behind the ears I have to do around here and I only have two animals! xx

  23. oh it’s grand to be back home, each time, isn’t it? of course, now that I’ve settled into a week house for the winter months, and am neighbour to Viv, I am thinking you must be due a visit to Normandy soon!!

  24. Nice to feel you have been missed!
    I’m sure you can allow yourself to take a breath or two before you settle back into all systems go!

  25. I think maybe this the very first time you have been able to photograph TonTon with his eyes closed. There must be an explanation and I think it is because he is soooooo happy, sooooo relieved you are back and he is sooooooo exhausted from worry that you were permanently gone.

  26. Well!! That feels much better now that first walk around the farmy is over and all really does seem well with the world!! Even if it was raining for some of the photos . . . So glad Sheila does not seem to remember the ‘bad days’ and even more so to see Nanny Boo and Marmalade still carrying on with their mutual admiration society . . .Jiggedy jig indeed for all of us methinks 🙂 !

  27. Welcome home, Celi! Love all the pics today! Sheila is such an exceptional pig….so calm, sweet…..and her eyes sparkle with glee…LOL! Must say Kitty Marmy is growing fast…so cute! Nanny Boo has done a great job with his charge! I really enjoyed your “fill-in” bloggers :)…..so lovely to learn about others who are part of the Fellowship!!

  28. Welcome back. I always liked getting away but so good to be back home. Boo’s kitty looks really good. Keep up the good work!

  29. loved the guest bloggers, lovely to have you home safe and sound !!

    Marmalade kitten little is growing and thriving !!


  30. Lovely to have you home Celi… though your stand-ins were wonderful… but I need a regular fix on Sheila and Boo and marmalade kitten…just love the autumn leaves blowing about,
    Isn’t it heaven to be back in your own bed and your own kitchen when you’ve been away, no matter how good the trip !

  31. I can almost feel the collective sigh of all being present and accounted for at the Farmy. And you returned with a jar of Marmite to get you through the winter. As an Aussie, Vegemite is my thing but I know how a cup of tea and the ‘mite spread of preference on buttered toast is essential for in front of the fire and cooler weather.
    What a little puddin’ Marmalade Cat has become 🙂

  32. Such nice pictures you have here! Sheila was happy that you’ve come back and the gang is back together again. Marmalade is a very beautiful cat.

  33. It sounds like you didn’t waste much time once you hit the door. I have what I call my “outhouse clothes” (which sounds bad but that’s what I wear in public) and my “inhouse clothes” those I wouldn’t want anyone to see me in.
    What did you do to those poor dogs? Are they just exhausted from greeting you?

  34. I know EXACTLY how you feel – we got home last night after 4 nights away and I’m SOOOO happy to be back 🙂 Looking forward to catching up….

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