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Home Again … Jiggedy …

Lots of pictures today. Because. There is nothing quite like stumbling off a cramped shared-air airplane and straight back out onto the Midwest farm with its wide open spaces and air as sharp and clean as a whistle. And so much green growth. Everything… Continue Reading “Home Again … Jiggedy …”

On the road again. Soon.

As you might know by now, a couple of days after I wrote my open Dear Jacinda letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the travel discussion went to chambers. And lo and behold the dates, for New Zealand citizens to be allowed… Continue Reading “On the road again. Soon.”


– and a little bit of that. The beach,  the city and then home to the farm. 


I awoke this morning to the sounds of beach birds. My window is wide open to the scented sea air. The rattan blinds gently rocking in the sweetest of breezes. I am sitting in a big comfy bed, with my letterless laptop propped on… Continue Reading “GALVESTON”


Yesterday was divided between long periods of sitting waiting as I flew impossibly through the sky and then short periods with long corridors of full out “excuse me!, coming through”! RUNNING.


Two days worth of images. Enjoy!


Replenish is a delicious word. It brings to my mind the drinking of tall glasses of clear water then imagining the cells of my body absorbing the fluid and plumping up, all fat and smooth and shiny and replenished.

The city and the girl

I grew up on a beach in New Zealand and I live on a farm in Illinois. But I love the city. I LOVED New York City even if I was only there for 24 hours.   Loved it. I hope you have a… Continue Reading “The city and the girl”


During the months that I travel my worldly possessions shrink to the size of a small carry on bag and an even smaller bag on my shoulder. I have never been one to own a lot of clothing or shoes or jewellery so choosing what I… Continue Reading “Less”

from miss c

I am popping in for a wee hullo. To share a cup of coffee with you. Just to let you know that while we are warm and still here in California. (No wind – what a joy.) At home on the farm back in… Continue Reading “from miss c”