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I have had these photos in the can for a few days now and what with one thing and another have not got this blog post out to you. Wellington has so much water around it. We have had an unusually calm few days… Continue Reading “WELLINGTON”


As I write in New Zealand in an overcast 17C/62F, John is going out to milk the cow in Ilinois in -17F (-21C). not good. So far all is well. They are all alive at least. But cold,  cold. 

Through the eyes of a son

Today I leave Wellington and climb back on and off  …another couple of planes and head back to Melbourne, Australia. But before I go my Senior Son took Camera House for a walk around his Wellington garden. Tomato Sauce simmering in the kitchen and all.  Have… Continue Reading “Through the eyes of a son”


Here are a few pictures I took on the wedding day. The girls dressed in a little cottage on site. We rented this venue for the weekend and all stayed in and around the house. The big house, the cottage and the shearers quarters,… Continue Reading “Colour”

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips on the Beach. Nothing better on a beachy sunny day. Today we drive off into the country to set up the venue for Senior sons wedding. Lots to do yet! Life is good. Love your friend, celi        


I am here. Arrived safely, had a whirlwind of a day yesterday and now we are on Day Two already. Wellington, New Zealand. The home of the gusty wind. So there was no ferry ride out to the island after I got off the… Continue Reading “Gusts!”

Life as a Wall

A climbing wall. As you can see from the lead image even children can climb this wall. Little tiny children. Yesterday my daughter suggested going to a climbing wall in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. She said: Give it a try. I said: I am too tired. She… Continue Reading “Life as a Wall”

Shopping in Wellington

No! Not for clothes. No point in doing that. No point in shopping for clothes unless it is a new carhart jacket.  When I get back to the farm it will be work clothes all the way – until January when I return to… Continue Reading “Shopping in Wellington”

Cat as a Hat caught in a Driftnet

We had a bit of a driftnet gathering yesterday. (Our kind of Drift-netting means that you invite everyone you see over a period of time to arrive at different times of the day, slowly staggering them into the net. This way very diverse groups… Continue Reading “Cat as a Hat caught in a Driftnet”

Will The Real Wellington Please Stand Up

No, not you little Basil, you can stay sitting down. Yesterday Wellington changed its mind and took the sun back in. Yesterday the other Wellington came out to play, the darker side. The windy side.  Yesterday, undaunted, we braced the elements and walked around… Continue Reading “Will The Real Wellington Please Stand Up”