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The Hen-House Doors open to the Great Outdoors.

I let the chickens out in to the wilding field yesterday evening. We are safe from the rooster threat now. A few roosters went to one place and a few roosters went to another place (to introduce new characteristics to the gene pools of… Continue Reading “The Hen-House Doors open to the Great Outdoors.”

A Beautiful Bottom

I don’t mean these bottoms, though there is a lot to be said for a nice round fluffy chicken bottom. And I won’t say chicks bottom because I don’t want to give the search engines the wrong impression.  I mean this bottom. (Below)  Wai… Continue Reading “A Beautiful Bottom”

Poppy’s Sweet Nine

Aren’t they sweet.  They are still a little shy but doing well. The North Garden is still not pretty and the plants are still  in the early stages ..  .. but there are literally hundreds of plants in there (and behind the image and… Continue Reading “Poppy’s Sweet Nine”