Poppy’s Sweet Nine

Aren’t they sweet.  They are still a little shy but doing well.

The North Garden is still not pretty and the plants are still  in the early stages .. 

.. but there are literally hundreds of plants in there (and behind the image and to the left of the image) for the restaurants and farmers markets and I do have some tomatoes set already. These are Roma.

You are supposed to remove the early flowers and baby tomatoes but I have left a few just  – well – just because.  

We are finishing the fencing today. So I must get going!

Have a lovely day


The weather:  BeYOOOtiful!

Friday 06/02 0% / 0 inAbundant sunshine. High around 85F. Winds light and variable.

Friday Night 06/02 10% / 0 inA clear sky. Low 61F. Winds light and variable.

29 Comments on “Poppy’s Sweet Nine

  1. Remove the early flowers and baby tomatoes? Will that ensure a more bountiful crop? This I didn’t know. I do know that some of the fruit must be removed from fruit trees to allow the remaining fruit healthy growth. Is it the same for tomatoes?

  2. Every time I see a picture of a little pig on your farm, I hear the voice of Babe in my head: The head sheep asks, “What’s your name, dear?” and Babe replies, “My mom called us all the same. She called us all ‘Babe.'”
    Cuties for sure!
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  3. Piglets all have the face of a naughty seven-year-old boy, with stolen apples in his pocket and muddy knees. I love your little porkers!

  4. The piggies are soooooo cuuuute… but it’s your garden I love. The metamorphosis from winter to summer never ceases to amaze me. Fortunate are the restaurant patrons & farmers market shoppers who’ll get to eat them.

  5. Huge laugh – so the ‘fat little savages’ of a few days ago have become ‘Poppy’s Sweet Nine’ ! Well they do look ‘cuddly’ sweet : must be difficult to let them go in some months . . . . Your garden looks just fine – am just thinking of all the work ere you can harvest . . . and I love the way the plants have grown inaround your front foor . . .

  6. I don’t listen to the “supposed to” for tomatoes myself. I seem to do more harm than good when I intervene.

  7. J > Love the picture of the house: so different to winter-time!
    D > Outdoor-grown tomatoes!!! It’s just not warm and still enough here (in the Outer Hebrides) for that: they do grow (especially bush tomatoes), but the flowers don’t get polinated, or the fruit don’t swell and ripen. So it’s in the greenhouses.

  8. The piggies look adorable; they are growing up much too quickly, I had hoped to meet babies when I visit! Your veggie garden is inspiring.

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