A Beautiful Bottom

I don’t mean these bottoms, though there is a lot to be said for a nice round fluffy chicken bottom. And I won’t say chicks bottom because I don’t want to give the search engines the wrong impression. 

I mean this bottom. (Below)  Wai the Wonder Pig. See how the healing is not only coming together perfectly but Wai’s skin is actually evening out. No crater scars. Growing from the inside out – the deep crevasses, some so deep I could  put a finger in them up to the knuckle, are smoothing and his black skin is coming back.  

He is going to be a beautiful, if grumpy, fat wee piggy. 

The other pigs are still growing – I need to sell a few soon. 

The best plants in the gardens this month are the peppers and the eggplants and the sauce tomatoes.

Quite stunning.

Today I drive over to the chicken abbatoir to get the approved chicken transport boxes. Tomorrow is their last day.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather: Rain coming.

Wednesday 08/16 20% / 0 in
A mix of clouds and sun early, then becoming cloudy later in the day. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 84F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday Night 08/16 80% / 0.2 in
Scattered thunderstorms in the evening, then mainly cloudy overnight with thunderstorms likely. Low 72F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

NEWSLETTER: The test run for the Newsletter will come out tomorrow morning.  I look forward to seeing what you think.

42 Comments on “A Beautiful Bottom

  1. That is a really remarkable and almost miraculous result. I say almost miraculous, because you and your hard and unflinching work made it happen rather than some mystical power. I tips my hat at yer, Miss C. Bravo.

  2. Wai is one very lucky piggy….you have done wonders with him, bless you. Think he is entitled to be a bit grumpy after all he has been through. Love your blog, and your farm always looks amazing, x

  3. What you have accomplished with Wai just has to qualify you as Pig Rescue Guru. I would be interested to hear Lori, the pig rescue lady, comments on his recovery. I also want to say again this is not the first time I feel like dropping down into the dirt to hug a piggy 🙂 Laura

  4. You are the wonder carer resulting in Wai the wonder pig. His recovery and all your work is remarkable.
    I love seeing your beautiful, flourishing garden. Delicious eating at your farm.

  5. Our peppers and eggplant are coming on too! But I can’t say as much for the tomatoes. 🙁 It hasn’t been the best year. A tiny bit better than last, but not many in the freezer for the winter. The fall garden is going in now though, so hopefully we’ll have lots more veggies coming on! 🙂

  6. You’ve worked nothing short of a miracle with Wai, it’s been amazing following his progress under your care.

  7. Wow. A beautiful bottom indeed! So happy for the wee Wai. I’m also rather attracted to your pepper plants. Yummmmmm.
    Do you know how to roast and skin them, Italian style, then dress them in olive oil and garlic? So good.x

  8. Excited about the newsletter! The chicks are so adorable!. Such good news about Wai.

  9. You have to transport your chickens to the butcher in “approved chicken boxes”? I’ve never heard of that. Could you elaborate?

    • I will take pictures for you -they are those big plastic ones you buy online. The company who processes them wants everything uniform and clean – I don’t mind -I want all the other birds clean in airy crates too..

  10. Wai looks great…It’s awesome to see him healing so wonderfully. He’s a lucky little pig…can’t wait to hear more of his adventures as he progresses. I’m sure he will be an adventurous little pig when he is left to roam about.

  11. Feels good to pull some poor beast back from the brink. Such a labour of love and caring. Nice to see your splendid garden. All your hard work with flora and fauna is paying off in spades. Wonderful!

  12. WOW! Wai is truly looking amazing my friend. What an awesome job of love and care you are giving him. Snorts and oinks! XOXO – Bacon

  13. Hooray! I knew he would recover! Good on him and good on you! Maybe soon you will be able to focus on getting his weight down as well! Once his skin is healed up he’ll be able to get more exercise!
    I sure wish my peppers looked as nice as yours! Dratted groundhogs keep eating them down.
    I hope your chicken turns out good!

  14. Wai’s a beauty all right. I’m thinking of the farmer’s words to Babe, “That’ll do, pig. “. The understatement of the year!

  15. What is left to say! Such patience and caring, Dr. Doolittle! Talk to the animals and watch them thrive. You must have loving words for your vegetables and flowers, too! Our eggplants, peppers, squash and tomatoes are fabulous this year. S0000 sweet! Think Wai will ever get over his grumpiness? And how are the two ladies in heat faring? Have yourself a lovely day. I’m assuming your family has landed safely?

  16. Such wonderful news that all his fissures appear to be healing so well; the result – I am certain – of the amazing combination of a fresh, wild, green diet and your never-failing magic touch: )

  17. I remember the post about him pushing his tail free! I bet he knew then he was going to be okay. We are all so happy about this, but none more than Wai and you.

  18. Lucky Wai Wai. He is looking great, bum and all. I’m sure the vet is impressed as well. Have you sent him pictures lately?

  19. You have done a wonderful job of helping him heal. It does the heart good to see his recovery. I can only send prayers as I manage to keep myself from needing help. One day soon I hope that changes again.

  20. A huge improvement blessedly for Wai but those pink areas must still be quite uncomfortable so the grumpiness may depart when they do. Am amused by your comment about ‘chicks bottoms’ – indeed . . . have had more than one unexpected burst of laughter upon my meetings with Mr Google!! This very much being the road cycling season in Europe am often asked what my fascination with the sport is – have found that saying ‘Just love watching those gorgeous bottoms night after night for three weeks at time’ soon eradicates the question 🙂 ! [oh, the motorbikes with cameramen astride have to follow the columns of riders, and cycling does lead to very handsome buttocks !!]

  21. Wai is indeed a miracle. I went back and took a good look at the photos from when he first came to the farmy. The contrast is absolutely amazing. Your excellent care and his toughness sure came through. I think he will be less grumpy as the rest of that pink finishes healing and he loses a bit more weight. He’s a true survivor and you both have done an incredible job.

  22. What an improvement, almost miraculous! I am just catching up on your posts, for some reason I stopped getting them in my inbox the last one I got was before your internet went out. Probably 2 weeks ago or longer. I was wondering what happened to you as I still saw your Instagram feed. I just signed up again so hopefully I will receive them again now. I was really missing the farm community!

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