No title today

I can’t think of one.

This morning the chickens leave, they are almost all sold. 

And on Friday we pick all the egg plant and thyme and capsicums – sell those. The eggs are selling well still but I am still having trouble with dirty eggs, free range chickens have this draw back.

WaiWai does not like to be patted all the time but will follw me just about anywhere.

I know he is still looking awfully overweight but he has lost a lot already – can you see his eyes?  Big beautiful black eyes.

Time to get up and get these birds in their boxes and onto the truck.

Remember about looking your dinner in the eye?  I wrote about this once. But I cannot find the post.  I believe that if you are going to eat meat you need to be very honest with yourself about where that meat came from and it’s life before it became your dinner. These guys had a pretty good life in perfect deep green alfalfa. I know many of you will chastise me saying “How do you do it. I could never take my chickens off to slaughter.” But I am no tougher than you. I would just rather eat meat whose providence I am sure of.

And if you have chosen to eat meat as part of your diet then I think it is important to be able to look your dinner in the eye and say Thank You. It is old fashioned and honest.

It is cloudy and dark this morning but hot and sticky.

Later today we divide up the middle sized pigs by size and put them into separate fields.  That will be fun!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

NEWSLETTER DAY: Today about 2pm (central time) with the help of  Samantha – my personal web assistant – I will post the TEST newsletter. STAND BY!  I don’t think I will ever feel totally ready, both the shops will be works in progress FOREVER but it is time for me to make the jump, then start work on the August Newsletter. July has been held up for too long!


Thursday 08/17  80% / 0 inThunderstorms this morning, then partly cloudy during the afternoon hours. High 83F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Thursday Night 08/17 10% / 0 inMostly clear. Low 62F.

46 Comments on “No title today

  1. Tima is perfectly camouflaged in the first picture today. C did you see your ‘follow the blog’ button has disappeared below? Hoping my signing up to the newsletter was successful, I will check before bedtime and try again if it wasn’t. Laura

  2. Wai looks as though his legs are once again capable of supporting his weight. And yes! Eyes, and an alert and interested face. A lovely photo too of Miss Tima’s fuzzy face too.

  3. Love the Tima pic! She is such a cutie!!! Can’t believe how well Wai has recovered! Yes, he still need to lose a bit of poundage, but slowly and steadily is best!

  4. I always felt that men can slaughter easier than women, but my grandmother, was very capable of chopping a bird’s head off. I was young and thought it was horrible. She saw them as food. I to this day cannot do it…I do not know how you can do it but as I see it as a strength which you have, that I do not possess.
    And Wai…you can see his legs so it’s easy to see he’s lost weight. His face looks thinner too…I’d love to see a close-up of those eyes! It’s sweet that he follows you around…awwwwww,

  5. Wai has changed so very much since those first days on the farm. There was no distinct face and now he is emerging as a real pig rather than a horrific, barely living victim of abuse. Do we know how old he is? Perhaps that was mentioned earlier in a post and I missed it…

  6. Lol, you say “terribly overweight” while I see a lovely face with eyes, a forehead, defined cheeks and snout. I see him really looking at you, no doubt about it. I see hocks and ribs, shoulders and ankles… SO much definition. It is wonderful. And (only one?) patch of rind left. I am shuddering to think of how deep it may be (or better to think how deep it may have been and now is not!) He may be Grumpy Wai for now, but I can’t help thinking that eventually his state of mind will clear as much as his complexion… Poor, sweet (beautiful!) lad that he is: )

    • yes, that last piece is hanging on – and he is not letting me near it except for a quick clean – I am sure he will be so grateful when that is finally off himself.. c

  7. Wai is looking so much better! What a great job both of you have done and are doing. Like you, we always say thank you for the gift of life and nourishment to our meat. Also, like you, we try to give them the best life possible.

  8. Yes his eyes are much more “pronounced ” now. I’m going to try to find when he arrived on the farmy. Three months? Hard for me to figure. But what a shocking contrast it would be!

  9. Will you be able to keep Wai, he is looking so good and you have done so much with him!

  10. Our chickens eggs were sometimes ‘poopy’… I ‘d just soak them in cold water. The eggs didn’t actually have dirt on them though…
    As you know, chickens can be funny creatures. Some would lay their eggs in the same ‘egg laying box’ where others had layed their eggs … and they would get impatient for a laying hen in that particular box to ‘get going’. Sometimes they’d peck at her head… Too funny!
    And then there were those ones who liked to lay their eggs in a corner… Once one started laying there, a few others also started.
    I miss those chickens… and all the other animals as well. But life moves on and things changes… as you so very well know. ; o )

  11. Had to come back to the comments…just received my first Newsletter!! Outstanding Miss C. I will so look forward to these each month 🙂

  12. We raise our own meat as well. We do it for the reasons you state, but also because it is just better quality. I love my family and want them to have the best. I feel our home raised organic meat and vegetables is one way to express that love.

  13. Fabulous newsletter and the items in the shop are fun and wonderful. Good job all round Miss C.

  14. Scientists focus on the what and how of things, while philosophers on the why. For me, you have combined both . Next time I hear a discussion about the meaning of life, I think I’ll say, “Wai.” That’s as good a response as any.

    Great newsletter. As far as zazzle, I’m considering the leggings, but going for the useful stuff at amazon first. I’ll probsbly start with the vacuum. Think it will be OK to cook and do housework in tights? My Dear won’t even notice, so happy will she be that I’m taking an interest in cooking and cleaning .

  15. The change in Wai is unbelievable, from appearance to demeanor. Kudos to you. Loved the newsletter and the shops. I have the cordless vac – with dogs dragging debris in and a fella who doesn’t like to doff his boots it’s become indispensable!

  16. I agree with you about the chickens. Our eaters were raised well, free ranged and had a happy life then a quick and respectful end. I can’t understand folk stressing about mucky eggs, they’re not going to eat the shells after all!

  17. The positive about messy eggs is they haven’t had their protective coating washed off in the name of aesthetics. As our daily egg count is much fewer than yours I’m able to simply wipe off the worst.
    Love the newsletter. Your voice is fantastic. The Things I Use is a great reference tool. I’m a keen recommender, so I appreciate its usefulness. The Zazzle Farmy Shop, and the merchandise is just wonderful ♡♡♡♡♡

  18. Hey Miss C, I love the newsletter, and have just hopped over to Zazzle and ordered myself a Wai apron – in the nick of time before my old one disintegrates! It all looks really good, and I’m looking forward to the newsletter dropping into my In Box every week 🙂

  19. I also raise chickens for meat and we process them here at our farm. People always make the same comments you hear and I always tell them they are welcome to help and learn how we do this as humanely as possible. It is not a party, but a reverent event as I always say a prayer over the chickens thanking them for providing meat for our family.

  20. I really liked this post. I’m new to your blog and it’s the first post I read but definitely not the last.
    I felt so calm reading it as you were taking me through the day and your daily chores. Something about it just made me feel so comfortable. I live in a city but grew up around animals. Not a farm per se but I’m. I stranger to chickens and eggs and pigs etc. Your pig is beautiful.
    I’ve seen chickens get ‘slaughtered’ but I never saw it that way. To me it was just dinner. We never bought chickens as we had them in our back yard. That’s why we kept them, for food.
    I’ve never looked st my dinner in the eye and said thank you. I guess I was too small for that. But these days I wonder more and more where my food comes from. I have kids now and care what I put in their bellies. We do eat meat and probably always will and I see nothing wrong with that. But I agree with you that one should be aware of where that animal came from and how it was fed.

    I don’t know that we will have the opportunity to look at it in the eye before I eat it tho.

  21. Wai does look amazing 🙂 and even from all the way here I can tell that he has lost weight – onwards! 🙂

  22. I often get stuck on the title! I smiled when I read this. Wai is looking so good .. and I can see those eyes. We don’t eat our chickens .. that’s our choice. But I think it is nice to thank them …

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