Long Whiskers

Have you noticed that kittens have a full set of really long whiskers.

Not like us older cats, our whiskers all torn and shortened with time.

We must be careful not to step all over the young ones dreams, they leave them lying all over the place. They have not learned to hide them like us older felines with our grizzled whiskers.

What is that quote?

The bigger pigs were taken out to a field of their own yesterday. That was a circus. There is no herding pigs. They immediately seperate like a smashing watermelon dropped from a great height. Following their own noses. They eventually make it though. Moving pigs is a lesson in patience. 

Aunty Anna has dog leg whiskers. 

It is Michaels last day today. He spent yesterday finishing up the big thistles in this field. The cows were very interested in their new mechanical friend when it ran out of gas out there. 

Fleeing the scene.

Tuesday, the ginger kitten, is well named. But the tabby has been Mischief, Trouble, Brave Boy, and is lately The Menace. He will find his name soon. Lovely whiskers.

Tread softly lest you tread on my dreams”.


There it is – I knew that quote would come to me if I thought about something else for a while.

I have such big dreams they get stepped on all the time. Hence the sensible shorter whiskers I suppose.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Perfect for Michaels travel day.

Friday 08/18 0% / 0 inSunny. High 82F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Friday Night 08/18 80% / 0.35 inThunderstorms likely. Low 62F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 80%.

NEWSLETTER: The newsletter went out yesterday afternoon.  I have had tons of really positive feedback especially about Charlotte’s gorgeous July print of Wai in armour off to do battle. This makes a great postcard and an even better T Shirt, they are in my Kitchen’s Garden Zazzle Shop now.  In fact I am making another T Shirt today – after dropping Micheal to the train.

Such a steep learning curve for me – I am no designer!

The September Newsletter is already in the works more art, more new stuff.

The Amazon shop is above (under the MENU button) – Amazon: Things  I am entering more kitchen items that I use over the next few days. Check it out if you have time. I think a few of the affiliate links are having teething problems but my web assistant Samantha is working on those today.

I will introduce Samantha soon – she is wonderful.

We are OFF to a great start on these two new enterprises.  If you are not in the mood to buy, just SHARE what you like. That works too.





27 Comments on “Long Whiskers

  1. I thought that first plonker photo look like a wild boar without the tusks, such a strong wild little face. I enjoyed reading your newsletter, Celi, & browsing in the shop. Saving for a little trip & can’t shop right now. Considering the whitening toothpaste for my not-so pearly whites.

  2. Dennis the Menace, a much loved cartoon character from my youth 🙂 C the newsletter looks great as do both the shops, however Amazon immediately informs me that items will not be shipped to SA. They do try to get me to divert to Amazon Global, my question is would you still get your cut through this channel do you know, and would I still be able to purchase your items? Technology can be so frustrating sometimes 😦 Best of luck with your new endeavours. Laura

  3. Oh where do I start: Yesterday – I loved your post. Yes, we should look our food from living animals in the eye. I wish I could raise my own food, but alas it will not happen this year.

    Today – I love these kittens.

    My whiskers are all wilted and tired today. I am loosing my father to cancer now. Just a year and few months after mom. Yesterday was the move from the hospital to my home where nurses, hospice, hubby and I can care for him. Within minutes I could see the worry lines in his face disappeared and he started snoring in his sleep.

    We must all face death and to be there during the passing of a loved one is such a blessing. It is a great gift I am receiving to be able to do this for the man who gave me so much.

    • Dear Friend, please know you are in my prayers and most likely those of many others in the Fellowship. You are right, this blessing is a gift, albeit a very sad one that will take a great toll, so don’t forget to look after yourself as well. Sending you a virtual (((hug))) ~ Mame

    • Wow what a kind generous daughter you are. And what a difficult journey for you and your husband. Your attitude inspires me. I remember well your mother’s ordeal traveling to hospital only to be treated so badly.

    • I wish you strength and fortitude. Both my parents were fortunate to have home hospice. Dad’s was 6 terribly painful weeks, three and a half years later mom’s was 6 peaceful months. And so it goes.

    • Oh, it’s just too soon isn’t it. I had 2 years (nearly to the day) between losing my dad, then my mum. I was with each of them every minute I could right up to the last moment. I slept at the hospital every night for the last week in a chair at my dad’s bedside, holding his hand. It was a responsibility and an honour that gave me some comfort. People asked me afterwards how I could be there, and I asked them how couldn’t I be there. Of course there are times when it isn’t possible, that’s a different story. I just felt it was the last thing I could possibly do for them, to be there.

      I have added your father and everyone who loves him to my prayer list. I will ask for strength, comfort and peace for all of you.

      Blessings on you all.
      Chris S in Canada

    • I know very well that particular road you’re on. I was there with my maternal grandmother and both parents, my mother the last in 2005 at 92. It’s never easy, but having them with you is usualy best, if possible. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    • The disappearing worry lines and the snoring–good news in a hard time. Home is the place where . . . Family matters. You are an inspiration. Prayers,

  4. Ha! The visual I got from your description of piggies separating like a smashed watermelon was perfect. hmmmm “Mischief”, “Trouble” and “Menace” may fit the tabby’s personality today…. but I have always felt great wisdom emanating from an adult tabby so perhaps she just needs to mature a bit before a proper name for her makes itself known. I wondered, like Laura, whether my going through Amazon in Canada would result in you benefiting from a commission. Also, I loved the Zazzle Shop but with the exchange rate between the U.S. and Canadian dollar right now, combined with customs duties, please forgive me if I pass. I was impressed that you’re using a cordless vacuum… I have for a few years now and just love it.

  5. I was looking at the photo of your entire herd, and appreciating the different size, shapes and colors. I relize that somehow I have lost track of the individuals. Lady Aster and her two Bobby’s are easy to pick out of the crowd. Beautiful Aunty Del, Aunty Anna and Shaggy Alex and the Bobby Hereford…but then I get lost in the Black. Do you still have Carlos?

  6. I LOVE Aunty Anna’s ‘dog leg’ whiskers! What delightful photo happenstance! All the ladies look like they’re conferring and trying to decide how to best treat the ill stranger in their mist. Tired and out of gas? Can’t go any further? Must need some of Mama Ceci’s tonic!

  7. Fourth photo down from top, says it all. The cows perusing the lawn “MOOer”.

  8. The Cloths of Heaven, by W.B. Yeats, my favourite poem of all time…. Tuesday and Partner in Crime. He looks a bit like an Ocelot – perhaps he’s an Ocelittle 🙂

  9. Smile and remember : ‘ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens’ . . . . methinks you have all of these on the farmy and in abundance . . . sorry you are losing Michael’s able help . . . .

  10. yeats poem is e of my favourites … great good fortune wit your new venture, and congratulations in getting it up and running…

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