A Set Back

As I was cleaning WaiWai this morning I broke through a ayer of fat and I found maggots growing under the last flap of skin from the deepest wound.  This area just refuses to let go of that hard fatty dead scab. And the flies found a way in.

Lovely Saturday discussion isn’t it!

I have been working on and off all morning removing some of the dead stuff and all of the maggots. They are burrowing straight into the good skin and spreading. Maggots will eat rotton skin but when they run out they just keep on going into the good stuff.  It must be very painful for him.  No wonder he was grumpy.

He is fighting me like a frightened dog, growling and running away and jamming his side into the wall and snapping at my hands. He has not bit me yet but he wants to. So I am taking it slow. Picking every single wriggly out and pouring iodine into each hole.  Then dried with a blow drier and on with his creams. He hates me today. 

It is a long process but I cannot give in this time – he has to be fully cleaned up now, all the dead fatty tissue has to be cleaned off.  The flies are terrible.

Poor bastard.

Love celi

64 Comments on “A Set Back

  1. 😰
    So glad you’ve found them before they got farther in.
    I wonder if they can be suffocated with a thick layer of petroleum jelly.

  2. Oh my. I’m getting a real education in pig-(manage)ment. That fella is very fortunate that you are there. As if managing around the farm wasn’t enough to busy you. wow.

  3. I am certain that he would’ve bitten you by now, except for the fact that he knows you’re helping. Poor like bugger indeed):): But maybe now that it’s been broken through that last chunk will start to let go…

  4. I’m sorry to hear that he’s got maggots. He is in good hands, though. If anyone can conquer these wee beasties, it’s a very determined Celi.

  5. I don’t know it this will work for you, but my mom—was a great healer of animals. Twice I remember maggots getting into animals and she healed them both time. Once with a pack of tiny puppies dumped off and left to die and another time with a little of just born kittens. The neighbor brought up the kittens since the mom had been killed on the highway.
    What she did was pick out each and every maggot she could see, then poured in powdered penicillin tablets—she used at least three or four. She got the penicillin tablets from the vet. I remember the maggots would wriggle out of the hole very fast where she would pick them up and drop them in a container to be burned.

    The exodus of all sizes of maggots was amazing to my eyes. She continued to do this every two hours until all maggots had fled the wound. I seems like she was able to get the wound clean in about three full days. Once the maggots were gone the skin would start turning pink instead of white, the blood vessels turned red. She would raise her head up and sigh with satisfaction telling me: “Now the wound will heal”.
    If your vet , or an animal supply store, could get you penicillin tablets (or powdered form) I am thinking your might be able to get Wai healed from the maggots.

    • Wow – such an interesting story. Your mom certainly was knowledgeable !! I not only love that the penicillin tablets help the wound to heal… but that the maggots would crawl out once the powder was put on.

      • It did for her. But that was many years ago, and I’m not sure the strength of the penicillin is the same today.

  6. Not sure whether to say ''poor you''  or poor Wai……how awful for you both and I can fully understand why he is not being good…I would not like someone doing that to me with iodine…  BUT…..it must be done…you have gone this far over the months with steady dedication and Wai would not really want you to give up….  Its easy for me to say..sitting here..but bite the bullet my friends, both of you…do not give up…I feel sure that the future will be better…I will pray for you both..in the meantime lots of love   

    Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 5:38 PM

  7. Oh, bless you….such a horrid job to be getting rid of the maggots, but wai must appreciate all you are, and have done for him. Such a sad, and happy life he has lived so far. You are such a kind soul to help him, and with all your work on the farm still to be done too. x

  8. That sounds disgusting, but it might not be as bad as it seems. Dr.s have been experimenting with introduction of maggots to clean wounds. Apparently they do a very good job of eating the bad flesh and their secretions are said to be disinfecting. I think if you have removed the maggots and any eggs then Wai will be fine. It might actually have been beneficial…

  9. Oh C. And Oh poor Wai…how awful for both of you but you’ve come this far and this also must be done. I was reading dayphoto’s comment about the crushed penicillin tablets and that sounded like it work and maybe not be as stingy as the iodine. Either way…you will win out against this yukky setback I know!
    You are Wai’s savior…bless you!

  10. Yup – he hates you… I remember ‘good old iodine’ when I was a kid… It hurts like HELL… Poor you and poor Wai Wai. He’s lucky he has someone like you … who does NOT give up!!

  11. I remember reading about maggots being used during the Civil War to clean infected wounds of the wounded soldiers. The article was very positive and told how lives were saved in those pre-antbiotic days. Unfortunately I have no specific reference to cite.

  12. Talk to your vet about using medical maggots. These maggots ONLY eat dead tissue and will not invade healthy tissue. They are extremely effective at debriding wounds and may prevent further invasion from dangerous maggots. Your vet would have to order them for from a special medical supply company, but I do not think they cost all that much. It would be worth looking into.

  13. Wai and you have come so very far and I know you have no intention of quitting now. You both have so much riding on this. He is so close to being whole. The advice above — penicillin–seems effective. I have no idea if iodine is better than it. I’m sure you know, Cecilia.

  14. Oh sh*t, was all I could think to say reading through this post today. My like is not a happy one today but rather a show of support and sympathy from afar – for you both. I am really hoping this last spot will be the final hurdle to clear to full and successful recovery for the poor little piggy. Love, love. Laura

  15. If there’s something I can’t stand the sight of, it’s maggots. So good Wai has you and not sissy me. That said, I’m sure for someone I loved I would overcome…You are brilliant.

  16. ACK! Fly Strike !! The best treatment I have found is Catron IV spray. It might be less painful than the iodine. I wonder if surgically removing that scab would help? I have no idea. Poor guy! And poor you for having to deal with it! You are a super nurse!!!

    • Interestingly the maggots crawled right out when I poured iodine in the hole – I imagine they were drowning – you know what it is like – we have no time to wait for a special spray to arrive – i use exactly what I have at hand. Even if it hurts. I picked them out with tweezers then cleaned out the wound. I will keep at it. Fingers crossed.

  17. You’ve come too far to let flies and their maggots win Miss C. Does Wai like music? Perhaps playing some music, or singing, to/with him will calm him. The pain for him must be awful but I hope that somewhere within he can sense that you are trying to do good and help him. Hang in there, we are all pulling for you both.

  18. Miss C, you’ve come so far, you and Wai the Lucky. You’re both doing your bit towards a most amazing recovery. He hasn’t bitten you (yet) because he’s not stupid, he knows what you’re doing is making him better, but at the same time, it’s got to hurt something fierce, poor boy. Hard for him to take, hard for you to watch. You’re such a champ, you and your wriggler-picking… It’s the last little bit.

  19. I’m sure he only hates the pain. Not you.

    Hoping you got all of the maggots out this morning and can keep the flies at bay.

  20. I’ve dealt with human wounds in similar condition. You will win and the healing will proceed. Lot’s of work. Lucky Wai that you are there for him. You are doing a fantastic job and educating us along the way. Thank you.

  21. A product called ‘SWAT’ will eliminate the flies. Safe for pigs. Wouldn’t hydrogen peroxide work as well as the iodine? It would be much less painful.

    • Yes – SWAT is one of the creams he is covered in – for quite some time – great stuff – this was in an area that the creams did not reach, literally under a flap of the dead skin. Now that i have been able to cut it open I have covered it in swat after the cleaning. Interesting you say peroxide as I was seconds ago scouring the medicine cabinet for some. I see no more maggots at this point but I clean the areas daily so I will use this next time..

  22. I had to deal with maggots on a ram many years ago, and I didn’t realize at first that they would migrate to healthy skin. It was awful. From the wound in his side they traveled up around his neck and invaded his brisket area. Yuck. It was a nightmare. I am sure you have them on the run! Good luck. Hopefully this is the last major setback you will have with Wai.

  23. I think I might bury my head in the hay too if I came across this affliction in one of my animals….take a deep breath, gird my loins as they say and get to work. Maggots are one of my “can’t stand and i might go screaming into the night” creatures as well. Good luck. Hugs for both you and Wai.

  24. It’s truly wonderful how the mind can allow us to deal with the truly gross because care and love are stronger impulses.
    You and Wai are inspirational. I’m sure the fellowship ‘hive’ mind is now firmly focused on Wai’s recovery again. Maybe we all started to relax too soon.
    Is it at all possible to contain him in an fly and or insect proof area? Some sort of oversized cloche, or does the farm have an old carcass hanging safe area that could be modified until the cold comes? (Just me trying to think of ways to help….)

  25. Poor Wai and poor you. I’ve seen a few stray dogs lately being tended by rescues with maggot infested wounds. They were usually cleaned up in surgery which also dealt with the original wound. I’ve heard of flowers of sulphur (powdered sulphur) being used but that would hurt as well, but not as much as iodine. A spray bottle with a 5% saline solution (you can make that at home there are instructions on the net), might help. I’ve got my spouse who just had a lens implant surgery and 3 kinds of eye drops 4 times a day with a clear plastic shield and nothing else near the eye (it looks very gross, my mother had the same surgery about 20 years ago and it wasn’t so nasty looking). Keep up the good work.

  26. I’m reading this late this aft. after work. It so hard to click “like” but do it to be counted. There are so many good ideas here in the fellowship for you to try & you are the most wonderful, caring, loving, efficient nurse to the animals ever. You look them in their eyes & you see each other. I agree with the comment that Wai hates the pain, not you. I know he loves you so dearly in his grumpy wee piggy way. My best thoughts to you & Wai this evening.

  27. If there was a medal like the VC for animal lovers and rescuers like you you would have had it awarded with bars on… there must be so many blessings and loving thoughts flying your way XXXX

  28. Fingers crossed. Hopefully vet care has progressed enough that maggots do not have to be considered good for wound care in any way. Reminds me of old stories of leeches being used. As much as it hurts, hooray for iodine. Poor Wai. You are are a saint, Celi.

  29. Oh geez, makes you want to bolt for the shower and a complete change of clothes! At least that’s the way I felt when I found a maggoty fly strike on one of my chicken’s butts. I trussed her up in the leg cut from a pair of panty hose, picked out as many of the little wiggly bastards as I could and flushed it with a dilution of povodone iodine and water (looks like weak tea) in a squirt bottle like you’d find ketchup in at a cafe, that made it easy to direct the stream. Also covered the area in Swat. The wiggly bastards DO NOT like iodine, it worked wonders. I did this twice daily for a few days, then once daily until nice new tissue had grown in. Also took a lot of showers and changed clothes a lot.

  30. If at once you don’t succeed, try, try again! There is a reason for all these sayings ’cause what else can you do. Bestest wishes . . . .

  31. Oh so heartbreaking!! The way you are helping him is amazing!!!! Hope the healing is going to continue!

  32. Given how poorly WaiWai was doing, I am not surprised the maggots found their way in. That’s their niche, isn’t it? But sounds like you are on course, and I daresay Mr. Wai will continue plodding forward with the same determination we’ve seen him exhibit so far. Brave little (big!) guy, isn’t he. XOXO

  33. Poor Wai. You are good people, Cecilia. That is a hard thing to do. From every perspective. Physically hard to manage a fighting pig, disgusting dealing with rotting flesh and maggots, and mentally exhausting to have to do it an animal you love who doesn’t completely understand why you are hurting him. I hope this wound heals cleanly this time.

  34. Y’know, there is one bright spot with this maggoty invasion… While that last nasty piece of rind has been hanging on forever and would not let go; now they’ve loosened things up enough to finally allow the healing to continue…

  35. No! I can’t believe it after all this time. Damned horrid flies and their offspring. I’ve seen fly strike in sheep here that is pretty ghastly .. best of luck

  36. Poor wee piggeen. He is fighting so hard, and we both know how hard it can be to be the ‘bad guy’ when doing good. I’m proud of him that he’s kept his tusks to himself despite every Piggy reason not to!

  37. Oh no, poor Wai. Thank you for taking on such an odious task – thinking only of what’s best for him.

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