“cat on hot tin car”

You never know when you are going to see Moon. He does not eat here or hang about – you will just come around the corner and he will be sitting sadly watching something that is not you. 

Lady Astor cried all last night and all the night before.

Suddenly she wants her baby back at night. I lock him into the barn for the night then milk her in the morning.

I don’t think giving him back every morning helps. He will shortly have to be weaned to the West side and gone for good. I hate weaning time but there you are – has to be done. He is  a good wee calf but lazy – preferring to drink from his mother rather than eat the good grass.  Time for him to stand on his own two feet.

Little Devil.

When I have Lasy Astor the milk cow all to myself then we begin to get lots of lovely heavy  cream on the milk. Biologically I don’t see how she can do this but she definitely holds the cream back for Black Bobby.

The difference will be very fast. Suddenly within a few days I will have an inch of cream. And icecream season will begin. 

WaiWai is all cleaned up and back on the move, we even managed to get that last heavy lump of dead fat and skin off him. He had a terrible day yesterday but I am feeling confident that I got all the disgusting maggots – there were not that many – I was just being extra careful.  I am fairly sure I caught it in time. Though his limp has returned. Too much lying about these last few days. I will have to get the broom back out.

But in the interim he is back to two sessions with the cleaning and creaming until everything is closed up again.

Yesterday was a very busy day, the weekends always are.  And all I do are the chores and lots of puddling about. Couple of lost and found pigs, a few maggots, a noisy cow. No problem.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi


Sunday 08/20 10% / 0 inGenerally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. High 88F. Winds light and variable.

Sunday Night 08/20 20% / 0 inMostly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 68F. Winds light and variable.


19 Comments on ““cat on hot tin car”

  1. Moon’s a real loner, but I bet he’ll come back to see you more in the winter.
    Once again, you’ve done an amazing job on Wai 🙂

  2. That’s an extraordinary photo of Wai… in that warm afternoon light he looks as if he has lava moving under the black surface of his skin, or hot coals. Pig On Fire… I’m so glad to hear he’s up and about again after that scary set back.

  3. Lady Astor is looking quite beautiful! I know what you mean about the weaning! It is tough! But, one must just grit one’s teeth, do it, and get it over with! It can sure be heart wrenching though!!!

  4. Black Bobby is fat and glossy, I wonder if Lady A senses he will be her last calf? Is the farmy planning a Total Eclipse party tomorrow? I listened to farmy night sounds and it was so peaceful, be interesting to hear the difference tomorrow night in comparison. So very pleased to hear Wai is better today if a bit sulky. Have been meaning to ask you if the new kitties were born on the farm? Boo must be thrilled to have two fluffies to love again. Laura

  5. So glad to see Wai all cleaned up. Hopefully the healing process will go faster now that all that dead skin and fat are gone. You have amazing patience and love in your heart for all your animals. Love reading your stories every day. Carol

  6. Healthier Wai– a triumph! Moon does have a sad face to be sure, but he seems to be eating well by the picture… perhaps he’s figured out where Lady hides that cream 😉

  7. Yes, Moon looks like he needs some loving, poor sad kitty. Wonder where he hails from. And Wai, for all his troubles appears like a different piggie than when he first appeared on the farmy. I sure don’t envy you when it comes to him. And bring on the ice cream, YEA! Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  8. Good luck with the weaning! What an ordeal with Wai. Amazing what you and he have just been through. Hope you have a good day.

  9. awww I just want to sit by Moon and give him lots of pets and attention. and doesn’t Wai look better! Have a lovely day!

  10. Love this — “Couple of lost and found pigs, a few maggots, a noisy cow. No problem.” You are just something. I also like the term ‘puddling about’…. I tend to do a great deal of that! ; o )

  11. There’s a paddock full of cows right across the river from me, and there are times when they cry all night and day. It’s such a heart wrenching sound and I know it means their babies are gone.

  12. SO glad that last chunk is gone!!
    Re Lady Astor “holding back”. I recall, when reading up on the mechanics of breast-feeding in humans and the fact that the milk changes from the beginning to the end of a feeding as well as differing from morning, midday to evening… Amazing stuff, a mother’s milk: )

    • Yes it is amazing stuff. My girlfriend (with a 6-month old grandson) told me something she had watched on a documentary. If baby is not feeling well (cold, sniffles, etc. etc.) mother’s milk is triggered to change to meet the need. And if Momma expresses milk at different times to freeze, you can actually see the difference in colour. Guess how it is triggered? Floored me to find out that it is triggered by the saliva left on the nipple. Is that not proof that there are miracles.
      Chris S in Canada

  13. OOOOHHH, THAT KITTEN! And all the chickens behind the cows in the field! Beautiful photos! Thanks! I’ll bet poor Boo is dizzy from following the kittens around. Moon? He’s another story…his picture belongs in a frame! And Wai, beautiful Wee Wai!

  14. Looking again at Wai, he’s lost weight on his hocks, around his belly and off his face. He reminds me of many obese women I’ve seen with the daintiest little ‘dancing feet’! Now that all that weight is gone, did you determine whether he’s a ‘she’, or if he’s a ‘he’? There was a time when even you weren’t sure which!

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