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In Which Direction did My Rain Go?

Before I came to America I never thought about directions in relation to the compass. In New Zealand I never said going North for instance, I would say I am going up to Auckland. Intellectually I knew the sun rose in the East but… Continue Reading “In Which Direction did My Rain Go?”

Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig

In Maōri wai means water. Wai Wai is a rescue pig and a burns survivor and skin needs a lot of water which is why I called him Wai. When we first rescued him he was dying from his burns, he could not walk… Continue Reading “Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig”


Fifteen minutes of extra day light may not seem like a lot but at the end of yesterday it was just enough to finish everything up in daylight with time left over for the dogs and I to walk around the perimeter.


That’s all I’ve got.  One little fat pig who looks like a topographical map of the world and his rooster. And often I have a plethora of images, though plethora – with its bloody connotations – might not be the perfect word. Surfeit –… Continue Reading “ONE FAT PIG”


That about sums it up. 


Was that the last summer day?


Think like a cow.



No title today

I can’t think of one. This morning the chickens leave, they are almost all sold.  And on Friday we pick all the egg plant and thyme and capsicums – sell those. The eggs are selling well still but I am still having trouble with… Continue Reading “No title today”

A Beautiful Bottom

I don’t mean these bottoms, though there is a lot to be said for a nice round fluffy chicken bottom. And I won’t say chicks bottom because I don’t want to give the search engines the wrong impression.  I mean this bottom. (Below)  Wai… Continue Reading “A Beautiful Bottom”