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New fields

Yesterday after another  big farm to table lunch I shifted the cows to a new field, scooping the naughty baby bobby into the barn for the night as they went past. They all put their heads down and began munching on all that clover.… Continue Reading “New fields”

Baby Crying

Holding back milk is something I never thought Lady Astor would do. But over the last week she has been letting less and less down for me on our once a day milking. And as you can imagine this has resulted in an udder with… Continue Reading “Baby Crying”


Today my new farm worker arrives.  If all goes well she will stay a few months which will be nice.  She has been working on a goat farm so I look forward to hearing her story. We all have a story.   Many of… Continue Reading “Eclectic”

Disturbing Images

Followed by some very beautiful storm images. The images of Wai are the disturbing ones. So skip straight down to the storm images if you like – I won’t mind Wai the pot belly rescue pig has arrived and he is so much worse… Continue Reading “Disturbing Images”