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Day Off

Morning darlings.  I have discovered that if I sing the score of The Sound of Music, Daisy stands quietly to be milked. Apparently she is tired of Oklahoma and South Pacific! Ah well.  One does what one must.  Unless something very exciting happens,  that… Continue Reading “Day Off”

Not Yet,

Daisy said. Just hold your horses, she said. Soon, soon, she said. Sigh, I said. As I brushed her fluffy wintry mane.  It is too cold today anyway, she said. Queenie Wineti agreed from the ward next door. Yesterday the wind blew straight out of… Continue Reading “Not Yet,”

Is there a song that goes: Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun?

I think there is. I was humming it all day long yesterday. It was bendy tree windy but we had piles of sun. Sun-Sun Sun-Sun. I could not find my phone for a while – apparently someone had been going through my jacket pockets!… Continue Reading “Is there a song that goes: Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun?”

Chooks are very strict Babysitters

This is a scene I happen upon quite often lately. The chooks put the kittens down for their afternoon nap then slowly surround them.  Babysitting. These two sister chickens are always the closest to the kittens. You may remember them from the spring when… Continue Reading “Chooks are very strict Babysitters”