Is there a song that goes: Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun?

I think there is. I was humming it all day long yesterday. It was bendy tree windy but we had piles of sun. Sun-Sun Sun-Sun.

I could not find my phone for a while – apparently someone had been going through my jacket pockets! Puppys nowadays will only settle for the very latest technology.


Everyone was out in the sun yesterday, the whole farm fell into a quiet doze.


Do you think Charlotte is looking fatter? If I got a stethoscope and listened to her belly do you think I would hear a multitude of heartbeats –  itty bitty hearbeats?


The summer pig palace is almost finished. I shall put a wall on the side of their new little house and finish their fence then today I hope to move them into their nice big outdoor summer space.sunday-018

I know that Sheila will be thrilled.


The haymakers field is growing at a fantastic rate. I am so glad we did not take a third cut last year. It looks to me like we may be baling hay in May.  Just imagine.sunday-026

Daisy hung over the fence watching us work on the summer palace. I am cutting down  on her extra feed and when she gets down to 10 pounds of milk per milking (she is at 15) I will try her to milk her once a day again.


As we were working with tractors and post-hole diggers the pup had to be kept in one place. He took it out on his leash but was quiet. He is walked on his leash as often as possible now to help him learn to come the moment he is called and to walk with me as opposed to in front of me.  Blue Heelers will try to boss people about and this would not be acceptable so these lessons start very young. As you can imagine he is practicing giving me filthy looks when the leash comes out.


The sheep were given a couple of hours in the potato field. The sound of them  munching was fantastic.


I honestly think that animals on grass is a magnificent all-is-right-with-the-world sight. Though they were not there long I felt heartened. Summer will come.

Here is a shot across the loft to the Peahen Penthouse.  A flock of barn chickens and Author (the kitten) have joined them in there. They are creeping in and out of  the gaps in the panel.


Evidently it is quite the happening joint.


What a lovely day we had.


Good morning. I am hoping for a lovely day for you all. Today will be blustery and I am lining one side of the pig pen in corrugated iron I found in the barn loft, so they are sheltered from wind and afternoon sun, that will be interesting to manage in the high winds!!

Have a lovely day.

your friend celi


62 Comments on “Is there a song that goes: Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun?

  1. Morning Miss C! I am always very heartened by your photos, but I must agree that the sheep on grass is especially cheering. I have not been here in the comments lounge for an age, I feel there is so much for me to catch up on! Blue is the most adorable pup, look at his cheeky face… I would also love, really love, if I could have a tree in the Fellowship Forest, is it too late to ask?

  2. How fabulous to finally see green, green grass on the farmy!!! We are getting it here too! We are still waiting on our second goat to kid…and waiting….and waiting. She seems to be in no hurry! Taylor our first mama goat is doing well. Her ketosis problem is much better, her legs are back to normal, and she is eating again. And her babies are doing great! And Little Boy Blue with the phone! See, I told you they are a super smart breed!!! 🙂

  3. Yep … Beatles “Here comes the sun”.. now is that showing an age because we know the words and tune.????

    • Also Belle Stars has a song called “Sun, Sun, Sun”! But I like the Beatles one better LOL ” Here comes the sun, do di do do”

  4. “Here Comes the Sun,” by the Beatles — It could be your theme song!
    (Mine is “Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right,” by Jimmy Cliff.

    Everyone sing with me!

    Here comes the sun (du dn du du)
    Here comes the sun
    And I say
    Its alright
    Little darling
    Its been a long cold lonely winter
    Little darling
    It seems like years since its been here
    Here comes the sun
    Here comes the sun
    And I say
    Its alright
    Little darling
    The smiles returning to the faces
    Little darling
    It seems like years since its been here
    Here comes the sun (du dn du du)
    Here comes the sun
    And I say
    Its alright
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes (four times)
    Little darling
    I see the ice is slowly melting
    Little darling
    It seems like years since its been clear
    Here comes the sun (du dn du du)
    Here comes the sun
    Its alright
    Here comes the sun (du du du du)
    Here comes the sun
    Its alright
    Its alright


  5. Lovely, lovely sun. We have it too and the wind has dropped. I’m happy to see all those happy animals.

    I’m sending you a haiga of Blue, to make you laugh.

  6. Oh, my word! Blue and his phone! His expression is so sweet!

    Look at that grass! May you be baling in May and with plenty to spare!

  7. Hopefully spring is coming……all we have had is rain rain rain so it should make all the farmers quite happy to ease the drought conditions but now they are concerned about getting the crops in. It is always something but in your little corner of the world it looks absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing the lovely critters!

  8. That shot of Blue and the phone is priceless! We are supposed to have rain and snow here today so I am missing the sun.

  9. Oh, how I long for sunshine to melt the snow, to green the grass, to shine upon my soul. I am happy the sun has found you. It seems to have detoured around Minnesota. Love the photos, which really represent the beauty of spring. Thank you from this weather weary Minnesotan.

    • Every time i hang the clothes on the line I am thinking poor audrey, you need some spring time soon, the other day when there were flurries i almost wept, but you have terrible snow, we love it in the winter but now it is time to go.. poor old winter, he does not want to leave you this year..

      • You are so sweet to think of me as you hang out laundry; you know how much I enjoy hanging clothes on the line. One week, despite freezing temps, I hung the laundry out, sort of my way to defy winter. The sun was out most afternoons that week, enough to damp dry my laundry. Yes, winter is hanging on far too long here in Minnesota. We do need the moisture, so I should try to see the positive in all this late winter snowfall and rain.

  10. Yes, I think that Charlotte has a more rotund appearance! What is her due date?

    • She is due June 17, two more months to go really. but she is so quiet Christine, is she meant to be that quiet?..she even eats slowly, (when sheila is outside eating hers.. c

      • As long as she IS eating, then I guess that’s the main thing. It’s still the first third of her pregnancy, who knows, pigs might feel queezy too! Maybe you’re comparing her with Sheila and can see a noticeable difference in behaviour. We had both of our sows pregnant at the same time, so their behaviour was comparable. Perhaps she’s going to provide you with a hefty first litter and all that internal growing is tiring the poor lass out! I’m sure she’s fine, piggies are very hardy.

  11. Daisy looks a bit miffed. Perhaps it’s my imagination. Give her a big hello from me and Molly. xx

    • Daisy’s natural state is miffedness.. especially as someone has cut down on her bestest feed and she just has boring old mississippi grass hay .. c

  12. There’s a great song “Hot, Hot, Hot” but I suppose with the tree bendy wind it didn’t feel Hot but sun, sun, sun would work!
    I think my favourite shot is the one of the lambs walking towards you/the camera, something about that angle

  13. The farm and all its animals looks so very happy. If you manage to train the blue heeler do let me know – they are adorable but I just don’t know that they can be trained.

    • morning chas, hopefully they can be trained because untrained dogs are a liability! he is doing ok so far but is only 7 weeks old, early days yet.. c

      • We had two darling blue heelers – Gregory (my dog) was so lovely but so naughty but his sister ‘Jindabyne’ was a very calm sensible lady who we gave to my mum. Everytime I see a blue heeler I get a little pang – how I wish we still had space enough for one.

        • I hope that Bad Boy Blue will take after your Jindabyne (what a lovely name!).. he does nothing but sleep so far.. c

  14. here comes the sun, in word and deed. the energy and beauty of your your barn ad pasture animals is so meaningful to me. country life is always to work hard, the benefits though, are compelling.

    these photos and words brought tears to my eyes.

    thank you so much for sharing!

    sending happy Monday sun your way.

    • I am thrilled that you enjoy reading, we certainly enjoy the doing, could you give me a name so i know what to call you? any name will do, you have come up as Someone! But writing ‘good morning someone’ does not sound right!! have a lovely day.. c

  15. Would you just look at that face with a little wet nose on your phone – hard to be angry with such a cutiepie.
    Have a beautiful SUN filled day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  16. Hullo ! My first visit to your bloggy home. Beautiful critters and pictures. You must be close to me–raining here (gently–a soft rain, mostly, as the Irish would say) and cloudy after a gorgeous Sunday that allowed me to hang the clothes out on the line to dry. We only have a tiny bit of land, enough room for gardens and chickens, but utilizing every inch of it. I want to get my hives back up, and so am going to look for a bee club/classes…the Irishman did it before and says he’s not doing it now, too much work. (not my recollection of them). Anyway…lol Do you sell your honey, and where are you ? I’m near Alton, Edwardsville…one hour south of Springfield.

    • good morning annie and welcome! I will be selling honey again just as soon as i establish the new hives, we lost all of ours this winter – awful. We are 100 miles south of chicago, a wee way from you but not TOO far! wasn’t sunday glorious..but the rain is good too, have a lovely evening! c

  17. I’m so happy for Big Dog in his good warm coat. And he is such a Lover-Boy to properly thank you. The Matriarch has a good heart. And so do you, Celia, for giving her the credit.
    I can’t wait to see how The bees arrive. Can’t imagine.

  18. Yes, we’re all going to be humming the Beatles tune today…especially the du dn du du part! 🙂 Loved the Farmy photos today…specially lil Boy Blue trying to make a call with your cell phone. Too cute!!

  19. Wouldn’t you know? Our first authentic, genuine spring day and I spend it with an obnoxious, head-bending, totally unwelcome cold. Ahchoo, cough, cough, cough, ahchoo, cough, hack. I hope we get another one soon.

    PS. Love the new puppy. And the older ones, too : )

  20. How funny, even in exile the naughty peahens have not been forsaken by the other farmy cast, but then the Peahen Penthouse, as you say is quite the place. Charlotte does look a bit filled out, and very in the moment in her patch of sun sun sun here it comes… 🙂

  21. Snowy wet cold day here in Colorado..we are trained to say…”it’s ok we need the moisture”
    I will say it, although my inside voice is screaming ARRGGGG..!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Charlotte …adorable and growing….Looks as if LBB is going to have tons of
    personality …Have a wonderful week !


  22. No, but I know a calendar that has Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, if that helps? 🙂
    Oh, that look of guilt! Maybe he had just put a call through to China?
    The rest of the gang is as cute as ever.

  23. Great shot of Blue! I’m sending it a couple dog-lovin’ friends.
    That sun yesterday was fantastic and long overdue! I was able to get the flowerbeds finished and should be able to wrap things up in another day or two, weather permitting. Things are really greening on the farmy. Good to see the animals out with blue skies overhead. It will be nice when that is once again an everyday occurrence and not the least bit noteworthy, like it is now. 🙂

  24. It makes me so glad for you to see that grass, and I totally agree that ‘animals on grass is a magnificent all-is-right-with-the-world sight.’ Of course it’s so much the norm here in NZ that we take it for granted.
    Love the photo of that guilty little pup with the phone!
    My new book has been launched! Take a look at my blog for a tribute to the bloggers who helped with the project, and a photo of a very Kiwi gift:

  25. [‘Here comes the sun!’ Now I’m singing it: am really dating myself in saying I too remember 🙂 !] That look in Blue’s eyes is incomparable . . . accidental or carefully waited for? Think it may be a wee bit early to listen for Charlotte’s tummy singing a song, but it should be getting there . . .

  26. Was Blue texting, or playing games? It does seem the leash is bearing his frustration–or puppy chewingness. The lambs have certainly grown!

  27. My sweet, you should know that my heart expands exponentially with calm happiness every time you describe your day’s journey around the farmy and your passion for all of it. Thank you. Happy Springtime to you and all of your company there! xo

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