Put on your jacket, Mum is cold.

Do you remember that saying? Something like ‘jackets are things for kids to wear when their mothers are cold’. Well when The Matriarch came out to the farm yesterday (and it was awfully cold yesterday – snow flurries even), she saw that The Big Dog’s coat had been removed last week  when we all thought that spring had finally come.

“I heard on the radio that this cold weather will be lasting another two weeks” she said, patting the dog” and these old bones know for sure that those Old Dogs bones are rattling together they are so cold.”

So when we were out she bought The Old Fella a super dupa brand new Dog blanket. This is not a jacket, oh no, this is a horse blanket made for a dog.What luck it was to see the dog at the feed store wrapped up in one. All I had to do was point! (I love little owner operated businesses.)  As I was buckling him into it he literally leaned his head on my shoulder with gratefulness. allo-016

This one is waterproof too which will be perfect in the spring rains. We have instructions NOT to take any clothes off that old dog until the nights are properly warm.


On the other hand,  John cannot bear to wait another moment more to plant out a few of his tomato plants. So we have made little water jug covers for them.


When we made the honey mead we bought distilled water and saved the plastic containers. I cut out the bottoms and threw away the lids. If you look carefully you will see that there is a stake next to the tomato plant, the plastic jugs slide straight down onto that stake through the hole at the top so you can close them up at night and on a hot day, slide the cover up the stake, allowing fresh warm air to the plant. It is nice to get a few out early. The bulk of the tomato crop will have to wait for warmer nights.


The pea hens did not eat the garlic.


and left us a tiny patch of lettuce. More is sown of course, but this little mouthful is being watched with impatient anticipation.

Now the peafowl are living in the Peacock Penthouse up in the Gods of the barn and get their milk and weeds and hen food delivered by the dumb waiter who climbs up the ladder balancing all these things in her hands twice a day. I miss having them roaming about. But they are very calm and quiet sat up high, watching all the goings on.  And there is plenty of room for the tail. No sign of eggs yet though.

Good morning my darlinks. Today we will begin to build the pig palace. Charlotte and Sheila are desperate to get outside again. Though sometimes I think it is me who is desperate for Charlotte and Sheila to get back outside.  But one way or the other it is time.

The bees come in a week! Won’t that be great. The only flowers  in the garden so far are daffodils, but I have missed my buzzy mates.

My cardinal is calling. I feed him in the tree house so that the guineas do not eat all the seed,  he is in the top of that tree calling in the sunrise. I think we will have a sunrise this morning, time for me to get up and see.

I know you will all find some loveliness today. Don’t forget to look for it.  Remember to see it.

love your friend celi

70 Comments on “Put on your jacket, Mum is cold.

  1. Nothing eats garlic – not even the deer. Just one more endearing quality…
    Sorry to hear you’re cold again – we have a genuine warm spell on the way, and it’s time to plant the peas and greens!

  2. What a blessed Sunday morning and your a blessing too Celi may your day be blessed in all ways the morning here is awesome the cocks are crowing everywhere the sun is shining God is GOOD SAINTS

  3. Strange, I always thought of dumb waiters in terms of ‘He’ 🙂 Did you post about making the honey mead – Looks like I might have missed it? Have found a fabulous bee site – do you know of it
    http://www.honeybeesuite.com/ lots of information with scientific back up and fun too. Enjoy your Sunday. Laura

    • Hmm, i shall pop over and have a look .. thank you, I did not do much of a post on the honey mead is we are still learning how, but suffice to say that it is in the snug with the wine quietly breathing.. i am am very much looking forward to the mead! c

  4. It’s a beautiful day here – sun shining, still a bit of wind, and above freezing: we shall go for a walk now! I love Big Dog’s new coat.

  5. That’s one snazzy outfit for the old fella! Blue’s definitely his colour I think!

    • Blue thinks so too and has twice got The Nip for trying to cadge a ride by hanging onto it! morning christine c

  6. What a stylish coat for your pup! 😀
    Hope he won’t need it much longer. It has to warm up eventually, right?

  7. Happy Day to you too Celi. We also use plastic bottle covers to protect the small plants from the cold and wind.. a great idea which costs nothing as we get the empty water bottle from the rubbish bins and acts like baby conservatories (is that how you spell it….it is wonderful to have you back in my life again

    • How did I fall out of your life!?.. you have come through as anonymous sweetie.. but I loves ya anyway! c

  8. Nice blanket 😉
    Oddly the weather here has shot up from 11º C yesterday to 17º C today, but if it snows next week I won’t be surprised!

    • An excellent day to get on your bike and do a wander through the park.. I used to love my sunday walks, i would walk from miles through old london.. all alone but for my camera.. c

      • I’ve just come back from the farmers’ market and later this afternoon I’ll be crossing the Heath for a dinner in Golders Green 😉

        • Oh crossing the Heath! why do i feel so homesick for London today..if you can bear pear cider maybe you could have one for me, whenever the sun shone we drank pear cider! c

          • Perry is a fantastic drink, but I’m beyond lucky, in that, I have friends who’s son has grown up to be the most amazing professional cocktail maker, and somehow he manages to turn up during all their best dinner parties, to make impromptu drinks out of whatever is at hand. He stunned everyone tonight with the most amazing drinks ever!
            His sense of taste is quite amazing and he never drinks much himself, it impairs his juggling!

    • Morning kate, it really has been odd without all my bee friends in the garden, I did not realise I would miss them so much.. c

  9. Big Dog looks good in stripes, so very slimming. 😉
    Glad to see John has such faith in the weather. I muttered more than a few cuss words when I saw snow flurries yesterday morning. The pendulum really does swing both ways. Last year Winter couldn’t leave fast enough; this year it just won’t go.
    Have a great Sunday, Celi.

  10. Good Sunday morning. Big Dog looks so happy in his new coat.
    I have garlic chives. They spread all over and have really pretty blossoms late summer(full of lots more black seeds). Very nice for salads and adding to chicken dishes.

  11. Well you certainly won’t lose sight of Big Dog in the fields! 😉 How sweet that he was thankful to be warm again. Dumb Waiter….Ha!

    Chilly here today…supposed to reach 54 but I’ll believe THAT when I see it. Tony is hang gliding today and I’m trying to talk myself into yard work in the wind. Might just have to stay inside with a good book. 😉

  12. Good Sunday morning on the Farmy, C. Now Big Dog will always have a coat on when the other is in the wash! 🙂 My garlic never gets very big…teeny tiny heads…does it need more fertilizer? I only use compost but maybe it’s starving for something more??

    • The important thing to do for garlic is to dig deep and get that lovely compost dug right in, right down then as they grow I add straw and mulch them up. I plant mine in the autumn and harvest on the shortest day. I hope some of that helps..c

  13. Really looking forward to the bees. Fascinating little creatures. Good morning to you, c, and all the farmy! 😀

  14. Sartorially splendid!
    I wonder if the pea hens would swipe peas, too, if you planted them. I suppose it would only be logical.

  15. Thanks for the garlic planting info Cinders! I will do that this fall…what do you mean you harvest on the shortest day?? Did I read that wrong? 🙂

  16. The Matriarch has such a tender heart. I’m glad her compassion extends to Big Dog. This looks like it will be very nice for him. I suppose peahens don’t want bad breath, seeing as how they have that handsome Kupa’s attention. Can’t wait to see the Pig Palace. I know it will be first-class digs!

  17. Celi, you will never live the ‘dumb waiter’ comment down: did an initial double take with sleep perchance still in my eyes and then could not stop laughing! So much happening but had another laugh at John’s comment about the slimming effect of stipes on old Dog: he looks VERY comfortable. And yes, parsley does work after garlic; have used that little trick for years. Have a relaxing night 🙂 !

  18. I wondering if it is possible to distract the pea hens from the good stuff by planting a multitude of garlic around it, and with garlic spray. I think only if they produce a flock of babies will they live doen their greedy exploits. I love old dogs, give Big Dog a pat from me 🙂

    • I am hoping for a flock, to sell that would be good for the farm.. I shall give old dog a pat for you this morning, he is always last up nowadays.. c

  19. There’s no other bird call I like more than the cardinal. Reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to sit in the window and try and talk back to him. Every time I hear one I smile. 🙂 Glad Big Dog is keeping warm. Yesterday was burrr!!!! 🙂

  20. Hi Celi
    Thanks for your reminder about looking for the loveliness. It is lunchtime here now, and I have found it in so many places – thanks to you!

  21. You know Celi, reading your blog is one of the happiest times of my day. Thank you. It’s even more lovely when I’m having a bad day – you bring sunshine through your blog.

  22. That dog coat looks so funny to me, having grown up where such things were never needed. I can feel your excitement about spring coming and eagerness to see the garden growing. Here we have wind and rain. The drought has broken in parts of the country that have been severely parched. The sun is turning your way, for sure.

  23. YEA! Now I can stop worrying so much about old dog. He’s probably waggin’ that tail thinking, yes, I did land in the right place.
    Those milk carton individual greenhouses do look familiar (and alway repurposing stuff on a farm – little goes to waste. Creative folks those farm inhabitants….perhaps the “fancy” city eco people should step back and take a look? giggles)

  24. Someone’s probably already pipped me to the post (I’m very behind at the moment!):

    Sweater, n. : garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly
    – Ambrose Bierce.


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