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The Kitchens Garden

Sometimes we forget that the Kitchen Gardens are just as vibrant and busy as the Kitchen’s Garden Farm with all its animals.  Here I have big vegetable gardens and just as big is the flower garden.   Big flower gardens are not usual out here… Continue Reading “The Kitchens Garden”

Put on your jacket, Mum is cold.

Do you remember that saying? Something like ‘jackets are things for kids to wear when their mothers are cold’. Well when The Matriarch came out to the farm yesterday (and it was awfully cold yesterday – snow flurries even), she saw that The Big… Continue Reading “Put on your jacket, Mum is cold.”

At Last: SNOW!

And then it snowed. What a piece of joy it was. As the old Codger said this is the first real snow we have had in two years. Only a little on the ground so far yesterday when I took the shots, (every image… Continue Reading “At Last: SNOW!”

A New Zealand Garden

On the way to my friends house, and our last stop in this New Zealand journey, I saw this sign.  Cool! And here is a New Zealand garden. A little paradise right in  town.  Auckland has a wonderful climate for plants.  She even has… Continue Reading “A New Zealand Garden”

The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!

The gardens this year have largely been a disappointment. Crops like the potatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni, butternuts, pumpkins, and beans have either refused to fruit or  curled up and died due to that extreme heatwave we had.  But the aubergine, beetroot and capsicum all in… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!”

Not always in control but momentum gets us to the end

It was so cool yesterday morning that the Tall Teenager and I weeded for more than the usual hour or so.  I had watered the day before and the pulling was good so soon not only was I missing breakfast, but I was fast… Continue Reading “Not always in control but momentum gets us to the end”

And I want to see your garden too…

I will show you my garden and I hope that you will show me yours, even if it is a gorgeous solitary pot on the balcony of your condo… or a grand allotment by the sea or a corner by the shed,  a patch… Continue Reading “And I want to see your garden too…”

The Fundamentals of Working with Animals. My Mantra.

I took this shot for yesterday’s post and forgot to show it to you.  It is across the bonnet of the  Free Green Dodge truck and out its back window.  I know this is kind of abstract but  I find it really appealing. Because… Continue Reading “The Fundamentals of Working with Animals. My Mantra.”

Back to work – Piglets are coming tonight!

It is funny how when we are focused on a big event,  like the birth of the lambs, this event becomes very clear in your head and everything else goes really fuzzy. Now all of a sudden it is Friday morning. Two piglets are… Continue Reading “Back to work – Piglets are coming tonight!”