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No Hay Day

Yesterday – an hour before the tractor arrived to bale our hay –  it began to rain, just a little at first then the skies opened up and it rained and rained all morning.  We even went in and worked on rainy day jobs… Continue Reading “No Hay Day”

The wide shot, work in progress

The North Chef’s Garden is coming along nicely. In fact I am feeling quite proud of what we have accomplished in there. Let’s hope the produce sells! Lots more to be done yet though. In the next few days we will plant 60 lavender… Continue Reading “The wide shot, work in progress”

Pigs like buses

I was sitting on the veranda steps in the afternoon, head down, tying up the laces of my work boots when a large slow moving shadow passed across blocking the sun. “Out Boo,” I said, “you are in my light.” “Grunt” said Sheila steaming past me… Continue Reading “Pigs like buses”

Gardening in the rain

Yesterday it rained. I am trying very hard not to make sarcastic comments like ” Rain? Really? You’re kidding.” More rain. Amanda was Kitchen Mama which meant I had hours to spend in the garden and it was raining but I just worked in the… Continue Reading “Gardening in the rain”

The Kitchens Garden

Sometimes we forget that the Kitchen Gardens are just as vibrant and busy as the Kitchen’s Garden Farm with all its animals.  Here I have big vegetable gardens and just as big is the flower garden.   Big flower gardens are not usual out here… Continue Reading “The Kitchens Garden”

We’re back!

The last few days have been divine. Tons of sun. Not too hot. And very little wind. Just wonderful. Gorgeous weather and no need to leave the property at all.  So we gardened and farmed, We picked and ate, Our John worked on his pool,… Continue Reading “We’re back!”

At Last: SNOW!

And then it snowed. What a piece of joy it was. As the old Codger said this is the first real snow we have had in two years. Only a little on the ground so far yesterday when I took the shots, (every image… Continue Reading “At Last: SNOW!”

Being a stranger in a strange land, carrying a little bit of home in my pocket.

Do you ever feel like laying your head flat on the table and just bawling. Just close your eyes and lay the whole side of your face onto the table and cry. Not where people can see you. Not as an exhibition. Maybe, when… Continue Reading “Being a stranger in a strange land, carrying a little bit of home in my pocket.”

Not always in control but momentum gets us to the end

It was so cool yesterday morning that the Tall Teenager and I weeded for more than the usual hour or so.  I had watered the day before and the pulling was good so soon not only was I missing breakfast, but I was fast… Continue Reading “Not always in control but momentum gets us to the end”

Is it against the law to plant vegetables on the median strip?

Put your hands in the soil every day. This was my grandmothers advice. She was discussing with me how I should behave when I became a wife.  I was being brought up to be a good wife. There was no discussion from the women… Continue Reading “Is it against the law to plant vegetables on the median strip?”