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Not pregnant today

Lady Astor and I go through this thing –  with me changing my mind every eighteen hours about her status as a pregnant Mum.  Today I don’t think she is pregnant. I mean: her udder did look like it was changing but now there… Continue Reading “Not pregnant today”

Pigs like buses

I was sitting on the veranda steps in the afternoon, head down, tying up the laces of my work boots when a large slow moving shadow passed across blocking the sun. “Out Boo,” I said, “you are in my light.” “Grunt” said Sheila steaming past me… Continue Reading “Pigs like buses”

Meet Al: The Berkshire Boar

When the time came for Sheila to break out the lippie and hop the limo  to visit the Boar, she very quietly followed me onto the trailer, was driven 15 minutes down the road and very quietly unloaded herself. No fuss. Not interested in… Continue Reading “Meet Al: The Berkshire Boar”

More Wine Less Whine

Yesterday we bottled the Vidal Blanc wine from last seasons grapes. The wine has been working in its little glass barrels for almost a year now. And the little taste I was allowed before it flowed through the pipes and into the bottles led… Continue Reading “More Wine Less Whine”