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Zone 5

ONE of the questions that came up in yesterday’s poll was what Zone is the farm in. Excellent question. The USA is so vast that the USDA created Zones which are very useful for us gardeners. We are in Zone 5 but very close to… Continue Reading “Zone 5”

Farm Sex

I don’t mean to be provocative with that heading but really poor Carlos the Tiny was a busy boy yesterday.  Lady Astor came into heat (I was advised by the vet not to give her a break as she would put on too much… Continue Reading “Farm Sex”

How to tell if your pig is pregnant

Our pig is pregnant? Isn’t that exciting. Poppy the Hereford gilt (a gilt is a female pig who has not had piglets yet) wishes to announce (though she would prefer NOT to discuss her insides) that she has missed her first heat since being… Continue Reading “How to tell if your pig is pregnant”

Meet Al: The Berkshire Boar

When the time came for Sheila to break out the lippie and hop the limo  to visit the Boar, she very quietly followed me onto the trailer, was driven 15 minutes down the road and very quietly unloaded herself. No fuss. Not interested in… Continue Reading “Meet Al: The Berkshire Boar”