Meet Al: The Berkshire Boar

When the time came for Sheila to break out the lippie and hop the limo  to visit the Boar, she very quietly followed me onto the trailer, was driven 15 minutes down the road and very quietly unloaded herself. No fuss. Not interested in her treats at all. But very interested in all these little piglets.


Though she lost interest in them before they lost interest in her. snow-three-018

The snow got steadier and the sky got darker,


but we had to go and look at her boar before we left. snow-three-010 snow-three-011

His name is Al. Al is very friendly. He came over for a good scratch and a sniff. A very tame nice young fella. Clean living by the looks of it.  I like that both the Herefords and the Berkshires have smiley faces.  Al has a very different temperament to the last guy. Mainly because his boss is a young gentle giant of a fella.

By now we were all standing about in a blizzard, snow coming down in waves, forming drifts around our ankles, my lens was dropletty and my feet were frozen and it was time to get home before we were snowed Out.

Sheila has a lovely little bedroom inside the warm pig building and a lovely big clean run with pigs on two sides so she has more company than she has ever had and was in no way agitated at all. Much to my relief.


She is  used to being able to get outside, and she can here which is nice, so I am feeling positive. Her mood was very laid back. This is a much better set up. And I can zoom down and visit her and take her  treats each day as well.


We had a nice covering of snow yesterday though today they are forecasting the Bendy Tree so it will all be blown hither and tither again.. snow-three-037

I know I have said this before by a drifty soft snow is a great leveller. Everything looks beautiful after a wee drop of snow.

Have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farmy,


57 Comments on “Meet Al: The Berkshire Boar

  1. He does seem a nice piggy…fingers and toes crossed that this works out.
    No snow for us, but we’re back into the Deep Freeze by tomorrow night… Stay warm!

  2. don’t know why but I could not get the photos…I will try another day!
    What a tart that Sheila is , gives in too easily for some boar that happened to be passing…. This is a big time for Sheila bless her and I hope that she has the time of her life and enjoys every minute of it…..

  3. Al looks a bit of a wee fellow. He might need a boost-up or a ladder or a swing or something to see the top of Sheila’s back. Good morning, c. Keep warm.

    • he did look small in the shots, but he is quite big enough and has a great big head.. not that means much.. we had your potatoes again last night misky, they are called ‘misky’s spuds’.. of course, I am never going back! c

  4. She sure seems happy to go for a little …mmm how to put this delicately?… “banter in the snow?”… and lots of little porkers will hopefully be the result… you seem to be getting as lot of snow, is this normal??

    • Some years are like this, some we will not have any snow at all.. we are kind of on the swinging cusp of this kind of weather.. c

  5. Sheila’s young man seems very nice – he has magnificent eyebrows and twinkly eyes, so if I were Sheila I’d be making sure of him right smart…

  6. Sheila’s bottom is enticing, isn’t it? Funny how she turned her back to all those eligible bachelors. Are the Berkshires smaller than Sheila? If so, did that figure in the choice to breed her with one? Maybe it’s a trick of the lens, but she looks HUGE compared to the boars.

    • No those are little piglets charlotte! cute tho aren’t they. The boar was being very bored two pens over, he and some sows coming into heat are begin brought across beside her today. The boar is not quite as big as she is but he will do I think!.. c

  7. Oh I’m so glad. 🙂 I must admit I was a bit worried for Sheila, but the beginning of this Sheila adventure has turned out for the best so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. Lovely winter wonderland.

  8. So glad yesterday went off so calmly and stress free for both you and Sheila. Al does look kindlier that the last fella. I know we can’t control genetics but is it possible to have tricolour piglets? I too thought Al looked a bit short? 🙂 but assume this isn’t so. Good luck, keep warm. Laura

  9. I like the looks of that Al fellow!!! And it does help that he is a smiley guy! 🙂 I agree– a bit of snow certainly makes things look nicer. However my snow is lying on top of a sheet of ice so I am just leaving it be for now. Stay warm, Ce!

    • snow and ice is a deceptive mix! I was trying to remember where the ice was ass i walked out the chook house this morning.. c

  10. He looks very handsome, fingers crossed that they get on. They would have fantastic babies I’m sure! I’m glad that Sheila seems to be at ease and unstressed. I hope they tuck her in with extra straw at night 😉

  11. Looks like Sheila will be well taken care of! And so great you are so close to pop in on her too! xo

  12. Looks like a good match to me. I took a peek at your hat, it looks just right for your needs. I also happen to think it is very in fashion. Have a lovely day.

  13. I smiled at young Sheila turning to show the boys what they’re missing out on. It reminded me of my little dog who has recently been on heat and busy showing just that view to any male dog she came across. Quite the little vamp. I called her a shameless hussy and hauled her home. 🙂

    You must feel relieved that she seemed quite non-plussed by the move. Animals prove again and again that they are so smart. She knows it’s just a little holiday (complete with a little roll in the hay!). And I quite agree with you – a lovely snowfall covers a lot of ugliness and suddenly even the most banal things look interesting, covered with a fluffy white blanket.

  14. Al is so handsome and happy looking. Yay for Sheila! I’m glad she took it in stride, and I know she’ll be relieved to see you each day that you can get there, too. Fingers crossed for all to go according to plan!

  15. I love Al and his little smiley face! And so glad you can go and visit her whenever you like! She’ll have a lovely holiday with her new beau, Al 🙂

  16. I feel very good about this Al fella. He has kind eyes and yes, a smiley face. I think he will appreciate Sheila, robust diva that she is. This is the second Al I have had the pleasure to meet lately – and the other Al was a great fella too. Here is what Google says about the name: In Celtic the meaning of the name Al is: Harmony, stone, or noble. Also fair, handsome. Originally a saint’s name, it was reintroduced to Britain during the Norman Conquest, remained popular throughout the Middle Ages, and was revived in the 19th century.

    Maybe Sheila was ready for a blind date – so willingly she went… and oh my, a heated barn. She’s at the Four Season’s hotel with a handsome suitor. Oooh, la la!

    • I said to the fellow .. So why did you name him Al? He thought for a long minute (I considered prodding him in case he had gone to sleep) then in a deep ponderous midwest voice he said. Well, (pause again) The man I bought him from was called Al. So I named him Al.

      I love the meaning of this name.. it is a good name. c

  17. It’s like one of those Korean Love Hotels (I only know this from reading a travel blog you understand!) and he looks like a handsome young man and quite suitable!

  18. I feel better already. Al is very cute and he has kind eyes. I hope he takes Sheila’s breath away!

  19. Will you look at th hams on those little fellas, and Al is very handsome, glad to see that Sheila is taking it all in her stride.

    • She is much more settled that Charlotte and when she comes back it will be to her own quiet pen, so i am hoping by keeping her by herself afterwards we will avoid any friction while she settles down again. I do hope this works.

      • I think it will, what a lucky break finding Al and his owner so close by at such short notice, it was meant to be. Something has changed this past year in your neck of the woods, the community seems to be really getting behind your wee farmy. There has been the buyers of pork and piglets, the collaborative raising of meat birds, the neighbour who swapped the damp hay for dry, the scrap runs to the local pub and now a handy local pig breeder. Have you noticed a change or has it just kind of crept up on you?

  20. It had to be so hard to leave your darling Sheila. Everything about this has a positive feel, and glad you are able to go visit her.

  21. Thank you for the introductions! Do hope this will be the beginning of a lasting romance 😉 !

  22. This sounds so different from the last time. I hope all goes well from here on.

  23. Shiela is bound to fall in love with Big Al! Tis a match made in farmys/farmies? And with two such loving caretakers the piglets will be charming.:)

  24. Wonderful phrase: snow is a great leveller. How sad my yard and garden were before Saturday, when an inch or two fell in our neck of the woods. The white loveliness smoothed divots and erased blemishes like a magic wand. Hope Sheila gets on well with her new beau!

  25. Have a wonderful holiday Sheila! A handsome guy in the mix! Humada humada!!!! You are beautiful and sexy! Put your flirt on!!!! 😉

  26. Al looks lovely – a friendly character. Sheila, no pressure, just enjoy your special vacation and lovely quarters.
    It does look very chilling. New snow hiding the old mush…that will ooze up around your ankles!

  27. So glad all went well and she does seem to love the place! Now to see if they love each other 🙂

  28. I hope things go well with Sheila and Al! We have a Berk boar and he is an absolute doll. A complete puppy

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