Farm Sex

I don’t mean to be provocative with that heading but really poor Carlos the Tiny was a busy boy yesterday.  Lady Astor came into heat (I was advised by the vet not to give her a break as she would put on too much weight then it is harder to get them bred again – we saw this with Queenie) so my new breeding man came over and bred her with a straw containing Angus semen (I have a few too many milk cows at the moment). Lady and Carlos

Carlos did his best to keep up (no pun intended other than the obvious one! )  and then Naomi came into heat and Carlos quite wore himself out Working the Field.  The man who bred Lady felt sure that Carlos was reaching Naomi. Naomi with Alex and Txiki

Chickens. It is so hot in their coop with this humidity that they come out every afternoon to wander about the fields.  Ton, border collie

TonTon spends all day going bout the animals making sure they are all where they should be so he gets a bit upset when all the chickens are out. AND I forgot to lock them in last night so they are going to be out and about all day today as well. There are a good fifty or sixty of them too. Thirty of those are on the point of laying.

Molly is showing all the signs of being very close to farrowing so yesterday we completely set up the farrowing pen. I think within the next few days, so keep an eye out for breaking news. I hope all goes well for her. Molly - hereford gilt

And I hope you have a lovely day. We are in deep mist this morning which makes for some nice photographs.  I hope.

Love celi

28 Comments on “Farm Sex

  1. I’m loving the vision of a weary Carlos the Tiny trudging home in the evening, having very thoroughly ploughed his furrow… Lady was perhaps a peak too high (and has very uncomfortably bony hips, besides), but Naomi is definitely much more within the reach of a determined young bull and a spot of young love just seems nicer than the Mrs Robinson set up it would be with Lady A…

    • ‘God bless you, Mrs Robinson’ says the song . . . . well may I say, ‘God bless you, Carlos’ if your weary, frustrating but happy day will bear fruit . . .

  2. Lucky for Carlos all the cows and heifers didn’t come into heat the same day – or do they? I was hoping Molly and Tahiti would cross their legs while you have family visiting – but hey I love the piglet pictures. Enjoy your weekend. Laura

  3. Yes, farm sex can be quite something! 🙂 Hoping that all goes well with Molly farrowing! xo

  4. Go Carlos!!! This has nothing to do with farm animals mating but I’ve got a quick story about once seeing a poor male tortoise… ‘working away’… at the wrong end of a female tortoise! At least with cows the front end looks very different from the back! end! Maybe that’s why tortoises live so long – it takes them 50 years to ‘get it right’!!! LOL ‘ o )

  5. Good job, Carlos! We have gotten a break with much cooler and less humid air today. I guess your humidity will reach us in a few days. Keeping good thoughts for the pig mamas-to-be.

  6. I trust your family arrived safe and sound and you’re having a great time together.
    I expect Tahiti will be close in following Molly’s example… just imagine so many little piggies at once, what chaos! What fun!
    Hope you have a lovely day as well, with loads of pictures from the early-morning mist. ~ Mame 🙂

  7. Ha ha! The title is one of your best!! I witness wildlife sex all of the time and I think most folks appreciate the beautiful nuances of copulation when I post about it. Photography can be difficult (being at the right place at the right time with the camera), but I think it is fascinating.

  8. Talia is so beautiful. Aunty Del did a good job. Will Aunty Del be getting a dose of the virtual boyfriend as well? Go Carlos!

  9. With this headline, you may have a stream of disappointed online sex addicts expecting to see some buxom farm girl in cut off jeans amongst the piles of hay….

  10. Soon, soon, you will know if the little bull does his job…the girls lose interest and he becomes BORED!!!


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