Cows in Mud

So, first the cows were able to knock  their water over and it flowed into  their tiny wallow.
cows in mud

Then I refilled their water and forgot I was filling it and THAT overflowed.  And next thing you know all the cows are stomping up and down cooling their heels, making a pond.  Alex must be exhausted she did not move out of that puddle all day and I could still hear her paddling in there in the night.  She has a heavy coat and must get hot.

muddy cows and bull

So, I took my naughty filthy milking cows and the little bull, who is following Lady Astor around, up to the concrete pad to hose them down, from the feet up.  Both their udders were caked in mud.

What a mess. cattle

Lady is coming back into heat so on the advice of my Lady Cow Vet she is being (hopefully) rebred this morning. Early.

Aunty Del

Cow sunblock.

Have a lovely day.

Love celi


28 Comments on “Cows in Mud

  1. I should try a cow sunblock to see how it works for me. 😀
    Trust you are having a beautiful time with your family visiting.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • I have seen a cow swimming. It fell down a bank and into the Camel Estuary. I was coming back from fishing and rang round all the farmers. It’s owner managed to coax it up onto dry land and took it home.

        • I don’t think the cow was very happy. It managed to squeeze through a hedge and fall/clamber down a steep 8 foot bank, then the tide started to come in. I was worried it would be washed out to sea and drown. It did seem to be a strong swimmer though 🙂

  2. How lovely for the cows. A cow wallow is a very special place to be in hot weather. I wish i had a mud hole to eallow in…its 36 here

  3. Ha!!! Cow sunblock 🙂 When my brother hoses down his horses in the summer (Tucson, AZ) first thing they do is lay down in the area dirt and roll. Go figure 🙂 they know what to do…continue to adore your life on these blogs.

  4. Great photos! I wonder if that mud feels wonderful. We need to try it sometime I think! I once found a calf stuck in the mud in the more shallow area of a pond. The water was neck high on the calf and its mother was on the bank bawling for it. I could tell the calf was worn out from trying to get free of the mud… it was giving up. I was fishing at the time so I got out of the boat and managed to help the calf get unstuck from the mud. I was so E-lated at the mother/calf reunion (mama began licking and cleaning her baby up) that on my first cast fishing I caught my (now ex) husband (sitting behind me in the boat) in the area between the nostrils with my treble hook! What a DE-flating moment. 😦 It took less time to release the calf from the mud than it did to remove the buried treble hook from my husband’s nose. I will always remember how relieved that mama cow was. And I am sure my ex-husband deserved that hook in the nose! 😀

    • Wow! What an incredible story. That calf was soon lucky you were willing and able to assist it. I can’t imagine the pain your ex endured! That little piece of flesh is plenty sensitive!

      • Yes, it probably took 30 minutes to remove the hook. And of course all we had were fishing tools to try to remove it. He was mad as a hive of bees too! I felt terrible about it… But it sure has made for good storytelling all these years later! 😀

        • Oh my goodness – terrible – poor you! – we grew up with fishermen – they always told us to cut the barb off and then thread the rest through. Though you need wire cutters for this of course!! what a terrible though a wee bit funny story.

  5. I have pictures of me in Panama at a special spot with therapeutic mud baths. Ha!, I think it was probably a cow wallow relabelled as a spa! I’m sure the cows will be wildly glamorous in the days to come and no bugs!

  6. I remember being a teeny weeny tot and having to accompany my Mom each year during our beachside summer holiday as she frequented her series of ‘mudbaths’!! Oh, so good for the skin and so good for the psyche [!} . . . . and they certainly did not come for free 🙂 !! Actually in a very fancy ‘Sanatorium’ !!!

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