Off we Go

After chores I have to drive up to the airport and I have exactly one hour less than I need to complete everything even though I got perfectly up to date yesterday evening and am awake early. Alex and Txiki

So I am running. Things are in order though, I am prepared and I am raring to go as long as all the animals co-operate and there are no escapes or emergencies.


See you tomorrow – hopefully. Please forgive me if I do not make it in tomorrow.  But I hope I do. I miss you when I miss a day.


Have a lovely day.





22 Comments on “Off we Go

  1. Pace yourself, Miss C. Run, but carefully and only when you really need to. Fingers crossed all the birds and beasts (and relatives) are co-operative today. See you tomorrow, hopefully.

    • That’s for sure!!! Much love and thirty gallons of extra energy. Nah, don’t bother thanking me. You’d do the same for me. Your Gayle

  2. Run carefully as someone already said. But — enjoy the visit from your family too! We will miss you if you don’t post too. When you weren’t posting on Sundays I found myself checking several times a day, just in case, before I remembered it was Sunday. Anyway, as I said before, enjoy the family visit. Talia looks so pretty there in the sunshine and green grass.

  3. Go C Go! Here with my pompoms cheering you on for co-operation and no emergency for you to safely get on your way to the airport.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. Celi, please take a few days off, not just one. We’ll survive and you’ll have more time to enjoy your guests.

  5. I’ve been to the Upper Peninsula these past 12 days and have not been able to weigh in–but I’ve been following. Hope you enjoy your family’s stay and like Chgo John, I hope you take it easy. I hate when you take a day off, but hate more thinking you’re pressed for time so much you’re not happy and relaxed. The animals come first; then family, then us.

  6. I echo Chicago John’s sentiments! Relax and have a sweet time with your relatives…and a baby? Oh how lucky you are to have a baby in the house again! 🙂 Is this a grandchild?
    equuslover…I am from Michigan and love love love the UP! Where were you visiting? Hopefully on one of the beautiful Lake Michigan and or Lake Superior beaches!

  7. Yes, fast and steady Celi! Wonderful times to come!!! 🙂

  8. Celi: family time, OK!!!! As John has said, take more than one day off and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! Actually hope one of the pig litters arrives . . . would be great for your family to see . . . and NO wretched storms . . . love and fingers crossed!!!

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