Lady Astor has begun a very naughty habit while she is milking – she lifts her tail and PEES – Gallons – all over the clean milking shed floor.  So to adjust this unacceptable behaviour I have to train her to pee BEFORE she comes into the milking shed.Lady Astor

Up until recently I have had to go down to the fields to bring them in for milking and they pee and poo on the walk up through the fields but now they are feeling the routine and are standing at the barn door ready to come in at milking time  so we have skipped a step.

So we are undergoing a period of adjustment: after I have milked Aunty Del (who has never made a mess during milking) and fed the calf I go through to the waiting room and (if there has been no waterfall sound effects from over that side) I  brush Lady until she finally pees, then as a reward I immediately open the milking shed door and let her in to have her treats while I milk her. For a while this took a very long time, both she and I are pretty pig headed but in the end I win because I am the human and she is the cow.  And now she is getting the idea. Thank goodness. Cows pee GALLONS at a time.  The problem is that with some cows when their milk comes in so does the need to defecate or urinate  or both.  So the milkmaid needs to train the cow.cows

It is like training a puppy – all about the reward.

Especially with a cow like Lady A – she wants to be good. This Friday she is due to come back into heat – that will be interesting.  With the little bull in the field with her we will know for sure if she is in heat or not. Sheila

Isn’t farming so – um – Earthy.


Tima and Tane

I don’t want to raise anyone’s hopes, especially my own but Tima is looking suspiciously large in the belly, but then she always has so I don’t know. I have not seen her come into heat for a while either but I stopped logging her changes preferring to let her be.  So this time I am not changing anything – not taking Tane out, not putting her in the barn, no changes.  Every time I changed things in the past, anticipating babies, she lost them. She may be pregnant or she may just be fat but she has been on grass alone for a while now.  If she is pregnant and she is coming to term she can have a natural child birth. But I hold little hope. I can feel no movement in there. We have been here before.  I think I will say nothing of this again. Not to jinx it.

I hope you have a good day.

I have a busy day with international family visitors arriving tomorrow.


37 Comments on “Adjustments

  1. Now those Red angers grew really fast in two days 🙂 So pleased to see Sheila and Tima and Tane too. You must be so excited about arrival of Kiwi visitors. Laura

  2. Haha Celia, si sorry I know I should not love, but your pee story brought back a long long forgotten (or so I thought) childhood memory. At one stage Grandpa thought I was old enough to learn how to milk , so far so good but the cow knew I was not too keen on this and so, to make matters worse, she peed right over me. Needless to say nobody was able to find me afterwards for some time when milkingtime came, little clever me hid in my tree house !!! Grandpa did a far better job than I ever would have done😁😁, so cow happy, grandpa relaxed and I? Just relieved😉

  3. Why do they call it pig-headed, when cow-headed would be much more apt! Still, she’s got the idea now, and I think she *wants* to be good, so hopefully it’ll stick. I’d pay good money to see Carlos the Tiny have a go at Lady A. Can we find him a box to stand on…?

  4. How in the world do you clean gallons of pee up? Where I milk my goats, it is recessed. No way to scrub down floor and spray it down, at least not without knocking out a large amount of concrete. Milking as I read this and just trying to comprehend cleaning that up. Good thing about goats…..Only twice in 7 years of milking has a goat pooped, never peed and poop is like rabbit poop. Not enjoyable but pretty pleasant compared to a cow. Still kinda processing gallons of pee. Oh man.

    • My milking shed is the same no way to hose it out easily so when I wash the floor I wash it then soak the whole lot up with straw in the corner the water settles into – it is a bit of a bore!

  5. Glad you succeeded in training her. I struggled to train my beagle to do anything so I really admire you.

    • After loving and raising 5 beagles and a basset – I have learned HOUNDS are more apt to train me than them. They will do what I want as long as I have the treat in my hand at the ready. Pig Headed – Cow Headed – nothing compared to HOUND HEADED!

  6. peeing over the Milk Maid is not very Ladylike..but perhaps she could not help it

  7. Oh dear. Sounds challenging. I am LOUDY at training animals, and take full responsibility for my failures. Any advice on how to stop a dog from barking all the time?
    On another note entirely, Tane’s front teeth are rather fetching.

  8. It is amazing how you can train your animals. I remember our cow house. It had room for about 12 milking cows , it was attached to the barn so feeding was easy. The milking was done by hand and then by milking machines. It was a comfortable building for animals and humans. I remember the cows eating while being milked. Now it houses my nephew’s machines .

  9. I’ll be grinning all day at Kate’s comment. Sometimes, getting ready for family is more work than farming but definitely worth it. Enjoy.

  10. No doubt big fun will be had by all when the international visitors arrive! So exciting!!! 🙂

  11. “Earthy,” yes Miss C, that’s a good word for why, from my air conditioned city house, i look for your daily posts. I fear losing touch. You keep many of us grounded. And smiling.

    • Yassum! It is so wonderful to read about you and your farmy. I am so addicted and pleased to be a part of the Fellowship! I appreciate so much your efforts at including us in your days and I thank you from my bottom to my heart, and that covers a lot of territory! Much love, Your Gayle, and In spite of my great love for you, or more likely just because of it, I will send you no hugs, understanding your feelings about them…and restraint is not my strong suit, so please appreciate it. Heheh.

  12. who would have thought that you would have to train a cow to pee before being milked! You are amazing! Cheers!

  13. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your international visitors. It’s a positive thing Lady A wants to be good, having that kind of mess on a regular basis would be miserable. Tima and Tane look so comfortable together there in the wallow, they remind me of a long married couple, quite content to simply be together.

    • Oh yes, the true sign of a good marriage: Happy to have someone to do nothing with.

  14. I’ve given up on my fat pig. I don’t know if she’s pregnant or not. I haven’t detected a heat cycle, but who knows? LOL

  15. I always learn so much from reading your blog. The city girl in me never knew that about milking cows, perhaps that’s a job I should likely avoid. 🙂

  16. The things we never think about when we are pouring milk into our first cup of coffee, or over our steel cut oats in the morning–cow pee!!! xx

  17. I remember standing in the [literally] wee small hours of the morning in the yard with my very aged dog who wanted out, got distracted… twinkle for goodness sake twinkle ⛆

  18. Saw this and thought of you.
    July 26, 2016

    Walk On, Walk Away

    by Afaa Michael Weaver k
    Can we just stay here in the space where our loud laughin
    won’t disturb the mausoleum of St. Peter, three times denying
    the purple iris, can we hobble the horses to the hitching post
    in front of the post office and let everything fall out of where
    we put it to be delivered, can we call the night choir of crickets
    down here to make the road home sing while the lightning bugs
    show us the way to a happy wages of sin so then we will not dare
    cry when the trumpet hits the high note of getting up in the morning,
    going back to be counted by the straw bosses, and to count them,
    making note of how sure this Earth is, this world of work we define
    ourselves, as long as we know it will need us, as long as guarantees
    paint themselves against the invisible ley lines pulling mountains
    together, summoning snow caps in California over the broad brown
    hills laying up to hear God’s whims like fallen but contented angels.

    Hope posting this is within the bounds of propriety.
    Love, Your Gayle

    Copyright © 2016 Afaa Michael Weaver. Used with permission of the author.

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