Normal storms

Last nights storm was so loud!.  The dogs tried once again to climb under the furniture.  The wind was high and the lightening endless.  But I am over worrying about them. It is always a surprise when the storms roll in after a hot day of work out under the sun.  But very quickly they have become the norm. Almost every evening they roll in.
the herd

It is going to be this kind of summer.

Txiki is almost as big as her mother.
Alex and Txiki

Boo looks wistfully at this marooned ruined frisbee every day – waiting for one of these passing storms to unleash it.  So far he has had no luck.


Tomatoes. The tomatoes have begun. With all these storms one after the other. The heat and the wet  and the humidity are bringing in a wonderful crop of tomatoes – already the sauce pot is underway.  They split when it is this wet but we can make sauce from split tomatoes. And we are on the watch for all those nasty humidity related diseases (already the zuchinni plants have bit the dust) but so far so good for the tomatoes.


Aren’t they beautiful.  I love tomatoes. We do not buy them all year – waiting.  We have started picking sweetcorn too.  Soon I will be making the sweetcorn relish –  my favourite!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi.




36 Comments on “Normal storms

  1. Those tomatoes look fantastic. I got my first seasonal tomatoes from the farmer yesterday and they were well worth waiting for 🙂

  2. What lovely tomatoes! Ours have not yet started, patiently waiting but still a few courgettes growing.
    Do share your recipe for sweet corn relish please.

  3. do not be like the girl in The Wizard of Oz we dont want you and the farmy being carried off in the wind

  4. Summer tomatoes are red gold… even as we were unpacking during our house move last summer I was making batches of tomatoes in a pot, and they lasted right through until we took off on our travels in June 🍅

    • Me, too! I need to get to the Farmers’ Market for some tomatoes! Much love, etc, etc, etc. Gayle

  5. I’m surprised Boo didn’t commission the tall Frenchman to retrieve that Frisbee before he left 🙂 We have had two days of wild winds and even a couple of drops of rain – unheard of in July, of course we are painting outside window and door frames. Laura

  6. Seems you are in for a stormy summer C. Absolutely adore the colour of your tomatoes. I have just finished planning my new veggie garden. Hopefully will finish the measurements and commence building next week.
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

  7. Love those tomatoes. I have one that has been on the cusp of turning red for ages, yet the others are way behind. My family have been complaining that there are English tomatoes in the shops but I’m not buying them. Just wait, I say to them, until ours ripen. It will be worth the wait.

  8. Tomatoes like yours are far more ‘real’ than the plastic perfection masquerading as tomatoes in supermarkets, and I’m willing to bet the taste is also a lot realer! Are they a particular variety you plant for sauce, or just general seed you’ve saved? I used to like Amish Paste for sauce, but I can’t grow them here, it’s too hot.

  9. Your maters look fantastic! Now I’m craving a mater & mayonnaise sandwich (Duke’s all the way!). Unfortunately, I’ll never find anything as tasty as I’m sure those are in any of my local stores.

      • We had 2 days of warm temperatures, and now we’re back to cloudy, cool days. The plants are healthy, huge green leaves, but nothing is ripening. Pity. I might have to start buying tomatoes.

  10. Your Tomatoes are beautiful I’m still waiting for mine to do something. We had a couple of blossoms but a storm blew them off and it’s been awhile but still no progress. I hope Boo gets his frisbee soon, it’s so hard to have patience for something when it’s right in front of you. Have a nice day on the farm☺

  11. We had quite a heavy storm last night, lots of lightning, rolling thunder and it rained so hard it was impossible to see anything through the windows, but after it finally stormed away we had lovely rays from the sunset and a part of a rainbow. Smoky was jammed behind the toilet shaking like mad and chewed the water supply line (again – wet mess) in his efforts to get even further behind the porcelain throne and “safety”. Tis gorgeous today tho and the corn I planted in a big flower pot is actually starting to tassel.

      • He has always been very dramatic. My spouse came downstairs one morning and couldn’t find Smoky. He had climbed up into the soffit above the kitchen cabinets to hide from an overnight thunderstorm. We had plastic panels in the ceiling he’d fallen at least once trying to cross them (he weighs about 45 pounds) and getting the crazy animal down was a project. He’s chewed at least 4 water supply lines in his lifetime, destroyed the wall behind the toilet in the powder room at the house we used to live in and shredded various boxes, books and other miscellaneous items. I wish ther was a way to ease his terror.

  12. It is 99 degrees F and parched here. We have a chance of rain later this week, fingers crossed. Tomatoes looks delicious. I can just imagine the sauce…yum.

  13. Beautiful tomatoes! Nothing like tomatoes straight from the garden.

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