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How to tell if your pig is pregnant

Our pig is pregnant? Isn’t that exciting. Poppy the Hereford gilt (a gilt is a female pig who has not had piglets yet) wishes to announce (though she would prefer NOT to discuss her insides) that she has missed her first heat since being… Continue Reading “How to tell if your pig is pregnant”

Happy Birthday – Zia

One of the Fellowship has a birthday today. We call her Zia. She is the Master Memory behind her nephew’s blog From The Bartolini Kitchens.  Their food is amazing. Her nephew Chicago John gave his Aunt a most unusual Birthday present.  Feeding Sheila for the… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday – Zia”

Sheila my big fat Pig

I realised yesterday that we have started our annual fundraising for Sheila and yet some of our newer readers will  not know why. Sheila is a very special pig.  I have collected some older photos of her for you to show you how special.… Continue Reading “Sheila my big fat Pig”

Poppy’s Day Out

I was taking a break from the farmy things and was sat on the couch doing Social Media things when I heard a commotion outside. I looked up and found Poppy, my beautiful hereford piggie looking back at me through the screen door, of the… Continue Reading “Poppy’s Day Out”

Had to happen

It rained last night. Rained on my four acres of hay. I showed you the forecast didn’t I. Sun it said. But it rained anyway.(sigh.) The daisies don’t care.  DINNER! HERE PIGGIE, PIGGIE, PLONKER! POPPY! What are YOU doing in there! You are a naughty… Continue Reading “Had to happen”


The girls have been bred by the Lady Vet and her very long very skinny silver syringe that she stores down her top so it does not get cold.  Both procedures went smoothly. In a little over a month we will take blood samples for a… Continue Reading “bred”

Poppy the little pig

.. has proven herself to be a voracious eater, with a lovely friendly temperament  and plenty of gumption, even chewing down on her cabbage (sliced very small with a little molasses). With Sheila very loudly eating her hay next door as a ‘good example’.… Continue Reading “Poppy the little pig”

a calm busy day before another calm busy day

Boo and Marcel. Wee Marcel is still slowly improving. he is even gaining weight. He sleeps well and took two little walks outside and around inside the barn yesterday. Tonight he will go to tiny feeds every three hours. Altogether he drinks a little… Continue Reading “a calm busy day before another calm busy day”

Sheila hates her diet so much she tried stealing the chook food.

I am not sure if this is Pania again, too far away to see if she has the gap in her crown or not. But What is she doing up there again?  Probably trying to warm me about what I would find in the… Continue Reading “Sheila hates her diet so much she tried stealing the chook food.”

The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think

The wind died  down yesterday. I don’t care how it died frankly, as long as it was gone. We all crept up out from behind our shelters, sniffing the air. The snow gently falling, in no hurry to go anywhere. Did you see Mama,… Continue Reading “The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think”