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Long Whiskers

Have you noticed that kittens have a full set of really long whiskers. Not like us older cats, our whiskers all torn and shortened with time. We must be careful not to step all over the young ones dreams, they leave them lying all… Continue Reading “Long Whiskers”

Kitchen Mama

Yesterday our two girls Molly and Whitney were the 1940’s Kitchen Mamas.  They are travelling together, have known each other since kindergarten, though they go to different colleges now and like all old and fast friends are a perfect team. And by the end of… Continue Reading “Kitchen Mama”

Hotel Towels for Farms

+ OK. Here is a question. What happens to old hotel linen? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Maybe I have spent a little too much time in hotels. When their sheets get too old or their towels loose their fluffiness… Continue Reading “Hotel Towels for Farms”


Photographic studies. There is a panel in the East side of the barn that has dropped creating a perfect cat door.  When the big doors are closed this is where all the cats enter and exit the barn. I once knew a guy whose… Continue Reading “Studies”


Elsie and Lady Astor, the Dutch Belted Dairy cows, went through their pretend milking routine with perfect precision yesterday afternoon. So you CAN teach old cows new tricks. They walked into the milking parlour one at a time. Lady A first, as usual. Elsie waiting… Continue Reading “Chipping”

Dirty Windows

Dirtier windows. Do your pigs make a mess of your windows? And how about your kittens? Do they sleep in your feed bags? Does your cow have a fringe? (They call them bangs in America). Elsie is about to go Bang if I take… Continue Reading “Dirty Windows”

Cold Feet

It is a measure of Sheila’s trust in me that she would trudge  all the way across the snow drift that has had her cooped up all this time and come out for a walk.  (Though she has balked at it three days running so… Continue Reading “Cold Feet”

Can you do without a weather report?

I have been considering doing without a weather report as my next personal challenge.  But maybe not. At least not in the Mid Western Winter. There is some kind of storm in the offing for tonight but we will see.  And the sun shone all… Continue Reading “Can you do without a weather report?”


This post is at an odd time of the day but I am just popping in to let you know that I am home. Boo is home.  All the animals are present and correct.  I have been around everyone and they are ll glowing… Continue Reading “Home”