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Tia is much too big for standing in the boot of a car. But there she is!

New bobby

We all melted in the heat yesterday but Leia managed to give birth easily to a wee Bobby calf before breakfast. She kept him under the tree for the day and has not brought him into the barn again. 


I was out kicking cowpats yesterday afternoon – as you do.  As you would – if you had seasoned cowpats to kick. But they need to be properly seasoned.  If you kick them when they are too wet they stick to your gumboots. if…


GETS into everything.  Snow like Sand. Everywhere. Like the SPOT. Seuss’s spot.


WEANING is one of the most poignant days on the farm. The babies are healthy and growing up, they are old enough to live on their own without their mother, things are going according to plan,  but OH the MISERY  – there is no…


Imagine coming back from your walk to find that a fat golden pig has not only been eating your dinner but gone to sleep IN it!


The vet comes today to perform two procedures on two calves. Firstly Aunty Del’s Bobette needs her horns removed and another calf needs to be castrated (this was the calf who only had one testicle dropped last time we tried so we had to…


This winter has been up and down and up and down in temperatures. And the varuation is so vast that the animals no sooner get used to hunkering down than it is warm again then cold again. Well, one of the three little pigs…


PINK is such a hard sounding word for such a soft light. Pink is clipped and final in its execution. Dusky is a better word.  Though dusky has more gray in it. 


Fifteen minutes of extra day light may not seem like a lot but at the end of yesterday it was just enough to finish everything up in daylight with time left over for the dogs and I to walk around the perimeter.