The Swamp

That is what they call our fields. The Swamp. When these acres performs the yields are magnificent but when the weather gets in the way this land ( rightly so) has a mind of its own. It is the lowest point for miles around so it prefers to be very wet.

And you know how wet it got a few weeks ago – flash back to HERE!

Well, the farmers took the insurance on this field: most of it drowned so the financial loss was mitigated, but the fecund growth that has followed the flood is amazing.

Next the farmer will turn all this delicious fertile biomass back into the soil to rest and rot and share all that goodness into the soil. Then later in the summer we hope to sow cowpeas, oats and Daikon radishes as a cover crop. I am almost more excited about the cover crop than the corn. You know what they say about making lemonade out of lemons.

Tima never sleeps with WaiWai now. We will see what happens when the winter comes. The porch will get pretty cold then. But there is no telling her – Tima is a pig.

Chooks and their chicks are all doing well.

This is the big puddle we keep filled for chooks and ducks and pigs to drink. The pigs lie in it too when it is hot. It was the original duck pond – do you remember?

I cannot get enough of this sturdy calf.

The weather is cooling off for a few days which will be nice for the cows.

Now it is time for me to get dressed then go down to the mill to open Our Tiny Flour Shop until noon.

Good morning!

Have a great day.

miss c

43 Comments on “The Swamp

  1. Good morning Celi and Fellowship! And Happy Saturday! Just love the pics and especially the last one of the Farmy from afar. So green, lush and lovely. We are looking forward to a cooling spell here starting tomorrow, that being temps in the mid 80s instead of mid 90s. Very exciting! 🙂

      • Yes, I am swimming often in beautiful Bull Shoals Lake, which is only a mile away! It has 700 miles of shoreline and is managed by the Corps of Engineers, so no one can build directly on the lake, which is fabulous. And we got a new/old pontoon boat (finally, after talking about it for 9 years!) that has been so wonderful. I don’t go down to our own pond much since there are lots of ticks and chiggers in the summer, but spend time there in the other seasons. You know you have an open invitation to come visit anytime!

  2. You could almost grow rice or minari! We had a heatwave here last week and then flooding this week. Water pouring down the Tube stairways and buses stuck in lakes. I’m happy with the lower temperatures, but it feels like Autumn already (though there were a few days like that in early July too).

  3. I love the lemonade. It’s the only way to look at life. I could eat Daikon radishes all day. Since I can’t visit a farm, I come here for my touch of nature. It’s been a heck of a summer and I finally have time to breathe and post a note here. Hugs.

  4. We’ve had a break from the heat and humidity, just in the nick of time because our A/C crapped out! Hopefully the good weather will last until repair guy comes on Tuesday. It’s been an expensive year with the new roof, new boiler, flood in the basement and a deck project that was started before everything broke! Good thing we did nothing for a year and a half! Looking forward to nothing going wrong.
    The guys look great, nice to see them again. Haven’t heard from John, hope he’s ok. If you talk to him, please give him our regards. XOXO

  5. Beautiful pictures of your farm and animals. Daikon are my favorites. It is cooling off here in Southern Illinois for a week or so. But it is supposed to rain all weekend as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I’ve never had a Daikon radish. On the other hand, when the watermelon radishes are in, I’m in heaven. The colors and the taste are pure summer delight. Your calf is a delight, too. Those ears!

  7. Beautiful catch up thank you. Dear funny old Tima. What a stunning calf, gorgeous!

  8. Oh I have forgotten how much I relished your videos of the farm, so Instagram is great! Was it Tima?– who gave a little kick to poor WaiWai who only minding his own business. And one of my favorites–Jude as a baby coming running to you across your living room.
    Yes that calf is beautiful and when he’s shy, it adds to his appeal.

  9. Shall keep this post for a long time – some of the most beautiful photos you have ever shared with us ! Love the reflections at the ‘chicken bar’ !!!

  10. I would love to read about your adventures creating duck ponds. We’ve just started out with a tiny group of seven. But I’m intrigued by the idea of making them a pond. I just cannot understand how it would not turn into a duck poop filled muddy swamp …

    • It does. Which is why we have water circulating and a little run off pond so we can replace a little water daily in our big one. The other I dredge frequently. Shade helps too. Strangely the ducks seem to prefer the run off pond! So technically they have three ponds.

  11. That calf has wonderful sturdy legs. He’d have made a beautiful bull… The advantage of the Swamp being lower than the surrounding land is that you’ll have generations of other people’s topsoil washed down into by floods.

  12. Love the first pic!!! Those two look like they’re on a mission

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