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You know the rule about titles – the first title I think of has to go in the Title Space. Well there you are! Title Here! Snort. ( I cannot write snort without thinking of Sheila – and thinking of Sheila always makes me sad).

I was so looking forward to writing to you again this morning but I did not have enough material so this is coming out this afternoon. I really have missed you ALL! Love. Love. Love all the comments. We are still a delightfully chatty group.

Today I have been baking.

I love dates so I made a rye flour lemon date slice with a caramel icing. Very tasty! The recipe is in production! Soon, soon.

Raisin Bread with rye. ( recipe here). I call this my breakfast loaf. The 300g of seeds and fruit can be anything at all – nuts, dried fruit, seeds! Anything. Don’t even think about it – just throw it in there!

Deli Rye Loaf: Dark Rye and High Protein. Bread for sandwiches.

And after all that discussion about pond plants – The ducks are not even eating the pond plants! Not the pond lettuce yet anyway. I just put my lilies in there this morning to see what comes of it. We had such wild rain and wind last night the pond plants were all thrown to the other side.

Here is my self portrait with pond lilies.

I have the hiccups and they are exhausting. My long dead mother told me that Pope Pius XII died of the hiccups – why would you even tell that to a hiccuping child?! That info left me with a lifetime of hiccup anxiety. Bless her. I love the dark side of my old Mum.

Though if you listen to my latest video on Instagram – you can hear (and probably see) the hiccups! I would place a link here but I am tired now.

For some reason this series of thoughts took me to onomatopoeia then onto alliteration and then onto this post. I wrote this years ago and it still makes me smile! The brain is like that – leaping here and there. Don’t you love that about our brains?! Except when they are tired and cannot work out how to link you to my Instagram posts where the videos are.

Have a lovely evening. I am going to bed. 4am start! I will put the chooks and ducks to bed then bed myself down. Frankly I would sleep with the cows given half a chance like I used to sleep with Sheila who was not a cow but there we go being sad again.

Take care now.

miss c

45 Comments on “Title Here

  1. I just looked at your IG video and your hiccups blended right in with the clucking of the chooks! So glad you haven’t forgotten us, miss c. I swooned a bit when I saw the BLT photo. Yum!

  2. One of the heartbreaks of loving animals is that (as a general rule) their lives are shorter than our own. The heart-filled wonder of their love is mixed with the heartbreak of losing too many of our most precious friends. One of our horses died close to eighteen months ago now–he was a wonderful thing and much, much loved, almost as old as my husband and me, and had been foaled on my husband’s family’s farm and been my husband’s since almost day one. Every so often something will catch me off guard and remind me of him and I will find myself with tears in my eyes and missing him something fierce.

    Sending hugs your way.

      • I’ve been thinking a lot about your comment about feeling like you need to be tougher today. There’s a great quote (Twain I think) that says something like bravery isn’t the absence of fear but acting in spite of it. I think toughness is a lot like that too. It’s not about the absence of emotion.  True emotional toughness is knowing that there surely will be pain but daring to love anyway. You are tough–your love for your creatures and your humans and your world proves it. Don’t ever think love makes you weak.

        Be well.

        • Thank you! I remember that quote too – or at least the sentiment. I do find it hard to push on here when if I went back home to NZ ( though I would be poorer) I would be away from the anxiety and fear we all live with here – especially when I have to leave the house to work. Your words have helped me a lot – thank you!

  3. My Wife Susan & I had a rescue bunny named Mr. Flops for just over 9 yrs. For a long time after he hopped over the Rainbow we would see him out of corner of our eye or feel him against our leg. He has been gone a long time but I still miss him.

    • I sometimes wake at night because I feel a cat jump up on the bed. The last one took the bridge several years ago. Still miss my dogs and constantly dream of my donkeys. Only 1 donkey passed and the other 4 are at a Sanctuary. Visited them last week and my mini donkey is very sad, I know he wants to come home but I can no longer afford to keep them or to look after them. I could manage the mini but then he would be without any other donkey companions. I guess we just have to be grateful for what time we had them and lessons learned.

      • Maybe your donkey was looking with loving eyes. I have heard they do not like to be alone. Some good decisions are just plain hard. I don’t think I have ever seen a mini donkey.

      • Glad you have the donkeys where you can visit them. Here at the Nursing home we can’t have pets. But there is a small clowder of cats that we sneak food to. They are free-range but absolutely not feral.

      • Mr. Flops hopped over the rainbow just 1 yr before Susan. Bunnies do fine inside in the winter. Mr Flops would put a paw on the floor and if it was cold he would ”thump” to be carried to breakfast and his litterbox. We had an old Basset Hound named Theo [also a street rescue] She loved the bunny.

  4. Oh Celi – it’s so great to see here again. I was getting so worried. And I really miss Sheila too – there was one – and ONLY one — Sheila. Bless her in Pig Heaven.
    Miss my Doggies too …….
    Did you get that big storm last nite – we only a 3 minute big time rain.
    Both of us having some health issues that have slowed us down- really painful backs.
    Was soso sorry about Ms Peacock – couldn’t believe it – and Baby too.
    Get your rest – great to hear from you.

      • First time in 51 years with no garden. I could’ve planted tomatoes, peppers, cabbage ~ but the guy never got here and tilled it!! So I’ve gone to the market a few times ~ but never as good quality like mine!!!! miss my garden!!!

  5. It is always so lovely to get one of your posts popping in to say “hi”…Loss of any sort is heartbreaking I think, but even more so when you have nurtured an animal and loved it fiercely…one of my dogs got me through so much, and was such a comfort to me, that it broke a little bit of my heart when I had to let her go over rainbow bridge. The bread looks so yummy, like a few people have said it leaves you drooling. I hope you managed to get a good sleep before your early start..x

  6. Wow, all the bread looks so delicious! And I loved going back to read the alliteration story! I can just imagine the school with the wide hallways and windows! And and scrawny wild haired girl galloping about hollering! And so good to see a farmy shot with Wai Wai. I could just plant a kiss on his forehead! 🙂

  7. I have a cure for hiccups that works every time for me. No water involved. Close your eyes and write your full name on your forehead with your finger. It must be the right way round for someone facing you to read. You have to concentrate to do it right, and I find the distraction and concentration do the trick of stopping the hiccups. My dog turned 5 the other day. Although greyhounds are supposed to live until 12 or 13, I am already dreading the day he leaves us… So I’ve made a point of actively appreciating him every single day.

      • Wonderful pets. But not guard dogs; the saying is that the only way they’d deter a burglar is if he trips over them. They’re healthy, quiet, scarcely barking at all, they sleep 80% of the time, they don’t require huge amounts of walking, contrary to expectation, they don’t smell, don’t need bathing, and depending on what you want, come with high or low prey drive. Ours has low, and he just looks at cats disdainfully, but if you want high, they will hunt rabbits for you because they’re so fast. I could go on at length, because I think they’re wonderful dogs, and I wouldn’t be without one now. They’re endlessly entertaining.

  8. Maybe not so tough is good. Some have to balance out the rest?
    The bread looks fabulous (as usual) and so does the Lillies in the pond idea.
    Hugs and comforting warmth sent to help in some small way to heal the day.

  9. To cheer you up, miss c, that self-photo suggests to me you have a mighty meaty arm there!! Love love love seeing WaiWai; he’s looking great!

  10. awwww I love all your photos! We have missed you! Take care and consider yourself hugged by all! xoxoxo

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